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Crossover Mazda CX-5 first generation: what is the media debut of the Skyactiv technologies, being in years? Author Stanislav Panin, photo of the author and the company Mazda

Mazda CX-5 is the first model built on the Skyactiv technologies. They are used in the development of many components of the car: the updated line of engines and transmissions as well as chassis and body.

In addition to specify a new vector in the creation of machines, Skyactiv, in particular, has become an alternative to European downsizing and robotized boxes. The Japanese remain committed to an atmospheric petrol engine and the classic slot machines, which clearly contributed to the success of the CX?5 in our market. The car quickly became a hit and helped the manufacturer to hold the position at our market in the crisis years. Today the CX-5 is the first generation – a tasty morsel in the secondary.

Battery, support the function “start-stop”, whimsical. When replacing you must install the original battery or corrosive to find a suitable substitute. Otherwise, all sorts of probable malfunctions of the system “start-stop”.

Installing a new battery, it is necessary to carry out its initialization and to reset the counter (number of starts of the engine and age of the battery), or “brains” of the engine will charge it incorrectly, which will lead to reduction of service life. In addition, the battery does not tolerate deep “drawdown” of the plate can crumble.

Replace an expensive windshield that require special attention. It has a removable frame with a rain sensor, a laser range finder for Autonomous braking in the city and a low-light camera. Usually on the cheaper aftermarket glass all the electronics starts to work correctly; it’s additional runway or displacement of the attachment frame. But the replacement of the original glass can have the same effect – it is very important to carefully remove and put the frame with the sensors. And not to glue strips of toning.

The mechanism of folding side mirrors is too weak. The drive can break even with a small additional load, for example due to the crust of ice on the enclosure. It happens when folding the mirrors by hand. Earlier this reason I had to change the mirror housing Assembly, but later the manufacturer released a relatively inexpensive kit.

The cause of most problems with the body electrical system becomes a poor repair after an accident or installation of non-standard optional equipment. To him modern Mazda’s are particularly sensitive – replica starts to resist and pull a lot of non-trivial faults.

Paint tonchovata. This applies to all modern Mazda, regardless of the place of production. Chips appear quite quickly, but for a long time do not rust – the quality of the metal and its corrosion processing worthy. The body has no weaknesses, so pockets of corrosion during the inspection of the car will indicate it is on the consequences of an accident and poor repair.

On the cars first year of production was denied to the rear view camera. Due to poor sealing of the inside with the sink, water gets in and closes the CAN bus. The result was a set of disparate electrical faults. The manufacturer quickly released an upgraded camera. And when the warranty replacement of the former service men, put extra sealer.

The Skyactiv 2.2 diesel, and petrol units, has undergone a major upgrade to provide a very low for motors on heavy fuel compression ratio: 14,0 just. However, fortune turned against the Japanese engineers – motor was very unreliable. And has failed, not the engine, and attachments.

Unpredictable behaves the vacuum pump, which is driven from one of the camshafts. At any mileage, the node can just fall apart. And on the motor posted a huge amount of metallic debris that clogs the oil passages. Engine overhauled in this case economically feasible. Moreover, according to servismenov, the manufacturer never upgraded pump.

The second destructive flaw – insecure fuel injectors. Over time they weaken from the pressure of the gases in the cylinders, the injectors start to “jump”. As a result, in the place of landing will accumulate carbon deposits and injectors already are constantly in limbo. In the end, more exhaust flow into the head unit, leading to coking of the oil channels. Because of this, the oil starvation… Motor can be sent to landfill.

When preventive inspection of the machines tighten mounting injectors, check for errors for oil pressure and remove the valve cover to assess the level of contamination and the condition of the vacuum pump. Unfortunately, nowhere stated a clear threshold level of impurities and in the absence of fault codes is not clear what to do.

On the cars first years of production were found significant development of the Cam of the camshaft, leading to a strong roar of the engine. This defect manufacturer eventually fixed. It’s a shame that diesel suffers from such a ridiculous ailments, because otherwise it does not cause absolutely no trouble.

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In petrol engines Skyactiv 2.0 and 2.5 a very high compression ratio (of 14.0 and 13.0, respectively), which required a substantial re-design. Many feared that those upgraded engines will be extremely capricious and unreliable. However, they do not suffer serious wounds, though they have some operational peculiarities.

The engines are identical in design. If you don’t count the larger displacement and slightly lower compression, the motor 2.5 is different from 2.0 only in the presence of the block, balance shafts and oil heat exchanger. Therefore, weaknesses in these units are the same.

Oil they have a good appetite that was typical for engines of the previous generation. Motor 2.5 oil consumption is noticeably higher than the two-liter, so it is important to monitor its level. At oil starvation both units are rented first connecting rod bearings. When knock in the motor you should immediately call the service station – this will save from more serious damage.

Fuel injector of the direct injection system is sensitive to fuel quality. If you fill up from a questionable gas station and a close eye on symptoms of blockage of injectors, will have to change them after 100,000 km – flushing will not save. Significant clogging of the nozzles leads to difficulties of starting a cold motor, the fault code indicates the misfire. However, atomizers CX-5 is necessary not more often than cars of other brands.

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Plastic tensioner pulley hinged belt requires attention. It appears to develop quite rapidly, due to which the belt may be torn. It’s a massive problem. On the market available to the original kit of the separate roller and the belt. Sometimes there is leakage of hydraulic tensioning roller,– it is available as a separate spare part.

At first, the car quickly died expensive ignition coil with integrated ion knock sensor. Was released the upgraded elements. On the lion’s share of cars had to change the coil under warranty, but still have a chance of running into the “pre-reform” part. Important: the presence of knock sensors in the coils requires the use of appropriate spark plug (the manual lists two numbers: the original and the substitute). In most parts catalogs contain inaccurate information about the applicability of other alternatives.

Sometimes there is fogging of the front cover of the motor. When it is overcrowded need to put more sealant in the area of junction with the cylinder block and head, otherwise the sweating will return. And the work is not cheap!

Machine the first two years of issue with the 2.0 motor was marked “double start”. The successful launch of the cold engine, only the second-third attempt-zero temperatures was associated with the firmware – control unit in the cylinders created a too poor fuel mixture. The manufacturer has eliminated the problem by releasing updated software.

Automatic transmissions are almost identical in design. Version with index GW6A strengthened under higher torque (for example, has more disks in the clutch packs) and is paired with a diesel engine. Problems with it not fixed. But the machine series FW6A designed for gasoline engines, was marked by unpleasant features. At risk are “pre-reform” of the machine, but there are nuances that affect and the restyled CX-5.

On the cars first years of production the dealers often change box Assembly. The reason was hidden in the active wear so-called reverse clutch, part of which is embedded in the body of the machine, making it impossible to change alone (no spare parts and the repair technology).

Wear of the clutch is accompanied by a rapid formation of metal shavings and the appearance of the characteristic jerks when switching gears. The manufacturer quickly released a new software for the control unit box, and the complaints virtually stopped. However, the “pre-reform” machines, machines sometimes do to this day, and often on vehicles with more powerful and torque motor 2.5 – because of the increased load on the box.

History of disease: faulty automatic transmissions

There are two main symptoms of breakage. On hot box occurs telling blows while translating the selector lever from “neutral” to “reverse” or “drive” and also when shifting from second gear to third at relatively high engine speed (3000-4000 rpm). It is easy to check during a test drive.

If the time to track the first signs of distress of the machine, there is a chance to save him, while in the hydraulic system are clean and free of shavings. You need to conduct a comprehensive work – flashing plus the so-called adaptation boxes using diagnostic equipment. Theoretically it can help on the redesigned machines, because the manufacturer has not released one update software. Keep in mind that the individual adaptation gives only a short-term positive effect in the operation of the machine.

With the right firmware and an adequate operation of the machine is experiencing a mileage of 100,000 km. it is Important to use the original oil Mazda ATF-FZ. The box is very sensitive to oil quality.

All the suspension parts have an enviable resource. For this part of the CX-5 is a model car. For example, silent blocks of front levers begin to crack and tear after only 200 000 km and Only occasionally have to change the rack of the front stabilizer.

Have a CX-5 all components of the amplifier built into the steering column. This scheme rarely gives trouble, because the “normal” steering mechanisms reliable. Owners of vehicles first year of production addressed to the servicemen with complaints of rattling when moving irregularities turned left wheels. He arose from the backlash of the steering rods. The manufacturer quickly released the upgraded parts and replaced the former on the conveyor.

The weak link in all wheel drive transmission – angular gear box. Quite often leak and the seal of the shank and inner cuffs. By the way, inner cuff much more are sweating on the model of the CX-7.

The owners of “pre-reform” CX-5, it is important not to delay the replacement of the internal seals of the gearbox, on which traces of leaks. Quite rare, but it happens that the damaged cuff, separating the cavity of the machine and transfer case. This is dangerous, because the bottom fluid (ATF) under pressure and in large volumes enters the reducer, which is filled with fluid of another type. And the machine can get oil starvation.

A low quality fuel significantly reduces the life of the catalyst for vehicles with gasoline engines. Fortunately, with possible shedding of his filler ceramic dust gets into the cylinders because of the lack of EGR. Oxygen sensors have a high resistance.

While the servicemen have not seen the cars with clogged diesel particulate filter. This entailed action on flashing the engine control unit. Updated software simplifies the conditions that trigger automatic regeneration of the filter even in urban driving mode.

Important point! Breather electric clutch all wheel drive is derived through the hose in the Luggage compartment. And he made flush in the right-hand niche compartment, which is below the main floor. Spilled water can easily get into the clutch and quickly finished her off, the node will make a loud noise, like a grinder.

Came across machines with defective installed on the roof rails (non-standard accessory). Through their anchoring and sealing water flows into the same niche. The manufacturer even released a technical Bulletin in accordance with which put the updated breather. Upgraded detail significantly protrudes above the level of the niche and has a valve.

Insulation on the Mazda mediocre. In the cabin meet the bare sheet metal. Therefore, the extra “chumki” is very popular. The quality of the interior finishing is low. The first seems the covering of the steering wheel. Pretty quickly overwritten leather trim (paint coming off).

Door Bose speakers (especially the front) is very afraid of moisture. All Mazda doors accumulate condensate. Additional dangerous amount of moisture falls with frequent driving with ajar Windows in rain and snow or after a poor quality body repair. Because of this separating membrane on the speakers, very cheap, and they begin to rattle and wheeze.

Sometimes breaks adjustment of driver seat height and there is a tangible backlash of the frame (most often faced with this heavy drivers). Backlash frame eliminate installation of modernized retaining washer at its base. In case of breakage of a rather flimsy mechanism, seat height adjustment will have to change the frame.

The word seller: Alexander Bulatov, senior Manager of valuation Department pre-owned

Mazda CX-5 – megapikselnyj car, significantly surpassing consumer qualities all the competitors in its segment. He is the best in this price range. In addition, the CX-5 impresses with a good blend of atmospheric petrol engines with classic slot machine, which is very valuable in the market. Most popular cars with petrol engine 2.5, in top configuration. Since no such proposals on the market, people are willing to buy any version of the crossover, even the cheapest. Drive type and the transmission does not play a role, as the trim materials. I recommend the cars with petrol engine 2.5. Paired with him is no alternative combination of automatic and AWD, as well as a very rich package of additional options. In addition, this motor has higher dynamic performance compared with the two-litre unit, while not too greedy.

Downside – the abundance of fraudulent ads and a large percentage of outright avtohlama. Therefore, the Mazda CX-5 with mileage need to choose very carefully. Should you entrust this work to a professional picker.

SUMMARY. Mazda CX-5 is quite a good crossover, unless you count the modifications to the diesel. If reasonable operation of the machine even after 200,000 km requires a cost just for routine maintenance. To ensure that you avoid potential costly faults that were not etched during the period of guarantee, do not buy cars the first two years of release.


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