Christmas truck

In late December, a passenger car at least one day to change profession and turn into timber. And what else to bring home the Christmas tree – at least six-foot. Even this will not be only stopping to get on a bus or a subway car, but does not allow to put the forest beauty across the rear seat. And then open space for people’s intelligence. Alas, it often does not take into account aspects of security. And who eve thinks about some sort of accident nevertheless they happen in December, and even with “timber”. In Germany, the issue was treated with the utmost seriousness, and made a number of costly tests to show how and how not to transport a Christmas tree.
That the Germans well… they Have, of course, warm, but still carry unfastened the tree is not worth it. Or rather, is quite expensive – the penalty will not be found.

So, the first option on the roof. This requires that the vehicle was equipped with trunk, if not, then at least a couple of rungs between the rails. Strapped to a thorn tree directly to the painted surface – a more expensive. But anyway, back on the protruding tip should be strengthened… no, not a star (this later!), a red cloth box. Even better is a flashlight in the winter it gets dark early. Always place the tree base forward so the wind’s not cut off branches. And, most importantly, no rubber bands, just tie down straps (at least two). In a collision at a speed of 50 km/h tree moves forward with a force of about 750 kg – no wonder that in a special crash test easily broke these seemingly durable rubber. Where rushed green “spear”, the report is silent.

However, some prefer in the way of enjoying the scent of pine and put a Christmas tree in the salon. If you have a hatchback or station wagon, all relatively simple barrel should rest in the back seat, paving Board, otherwise when you hit the barrel to break back, and back! We catch the barrel with the belt to firmly tie the open back door and hang the speakers on the top of the box or the flashlight.

Wagon or hatchback the most difficult to tie the back door at least to the same tree. But it is better to clip the lock.

Another very good method is suitable for sedans. If you fold the right front seatback, and the barrel can rest in the floor under the glove box. Then the machine will fit even the six-foot spruce.

And finally, advice to those who go frosty December day at a Christmas Bazaar in a convertible. If the cap is forgotten at home, you can remove the roof (it is better, in a warm garage) and sit in the tree next to him instead of the snow Maiden.

So put the Christmas tree on the roof is not necessary, unless going in the spring to repaint the car. And what about the red card the boy is right!

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