Citroen C-Elysee: In the pink

FFrench a couple of sedans Citroen C-Elysee and Peugeot 301 went to our market in the most unfavorable period for the budget car – before the prolonged crisis and the collapse of the sales, especially the beat it is for the economy class. This was the main reason why a good honest car we have got not especially wide popularity and was fixed mostly in the corporate Park, but not in the family garage. But the update had a couple, I hope for much better times: the market is slowly but surely starting to come to life, and buyers are drawn not only for spontaneous bazaars with “automigrate”, but in the dealerships. What will meet their Citroen C-Elysee?
Add chrome, to put a conspicuous wheel to find unconventional color juicy – and cheap car will Shine for the better, standing out from the stream.

The car is designed to take away a good chunk of the market pie Logan and Chinese sedans, and looked more impressive before their competitors, and now added external leverage. In the first place very well complements the color palette. What good is this deep, rich blue color that looks so fresh in the era of fifty shades of grey! In the design has increased so beloved by buyers of chrome, bigger and stranger was the optics, especially the taillights received a 3D-effect as in older models. And the icing on the cake – gorgeous alloy wheels not in the budget. In General, with minimal alterations, the machine looks fresher, more interesting and more expensive.

Original quirks

Interior innovations is smaller. All the lines and key features remained the same – not the best solution including. Keys Windows continues to baffle its location on the tunnel next to the gear – and in fact on the car for China, moved them in the usual place on the door panels. Still difficult at first to find the adjustment exterior mirrors – she “successfully” covered the wheel. And she steering column again left set up only the tilt and the lack of adjustment on the flight does not please the drivers of high growth.

The most noticeable change in the back – new lights with a 3D effect as the more expensive models.

But now let the good. In the list of options appeared media system with 7 inch colour touch-screen “nesting” in the middle console. The assets of the system – the possibility of duplication of the screen of your smartphone (not all, however, models, and even sometimes with the need of shamanic dances when configuring), and optional connect navigation and rear vision camera. Advanced media will cost at least 9770 hryvnia, and with camera – 14 110 hryvnia. By the way, our car in the top configuration does not even banal Parking assist is also an option. And I must admit, she looks inappropriate for the machine in maximum equipment, especially when it comes to the long sedan with a traditionally poor review back.

The interior in General has remained the same – slightly changed the pads on the panels are the expensive models.

Or on the presentation of the updated machines have forgotten about some important detail, or I have triggered a placebo effect from the expectation of novelty and improvements, but the front seats seemed to me much easier than before. There is a feeling that they added the proper rigidity in the side supports and made more comfortable for the lower back the backrest profile. But trim certainly become better still.

In place of the robot

Above the line of power units have worked more thoroughly than over the exterior and interior and this is commendable. Let’s start with the fact that the younger three-cylinder gasoline engine 1.2 l just added 10 HP – now he is 82-strong. Try out this no chance, but that’s a large sedan with this engine now go a little more fun, no doubt. And the good news – the C-Elysee finally got rid of that notorious robotic box that caused so many complaints about the thoughtfulness in switching applications. The French decided not to be penny wise and endowed budget sedan six-speed Aisin hydroautomation – it is offered as an alternative mechanics for the 1.6-liter gasoline engine. A 92-horsepower diesel engine, as younger gasoline relies only manual transmission.

Devices prettier thanks to a couple of light touches: especially the nice look of the arrowSelector gidroavtomatika richly decorated with chrome. Around it, the Windows keythe Trunk can only be opened from the cabin. Mirror adjustment masterfully hiding under the wheelBetween the front seats sits a 12-volt outlet and USB portAmong competitors C-Elysee has the most spacious rear seat, even for tall driver can sit down, crossing her leg over the506-litre boot – one of the good trumps the C-Elysee, especially for taxi drivers. Budget car issue unpainted cross amplifiers

We got just the car with an automatic transmission. No doubt, with modern hydroautomation two pedal drive version of the C-Elysee has found a fine and cosy character: in the past there were hitches at the start, uncertain and dangerous pauses in the transition from first to second, the slowpoke in the overtaking. However, lightweight machine with a minimum resistance of the torque Converter can sometimes let the car roll back when starting on the rise. And on our instance can not be called perfect smooth switching up to the third stage: it is certainly not a strong “nod” of the robot, but the surges of power still noticeable in the cabin.

Opportunities 115-horsepower engine to a peaceful respectable sedan with sufficient head. He does not graze the rear at traffic light starts and it is ready to support your enthusiasm for overtaking. Fuel consumption is quite normal for a couple that motor with hydroautomation: 8-8,5 l/100 km in the city. But gambling propensities from C-Elysee does not have to wait. And this machine? Because the chassis is also sharpened for sure, but not an emotional movement. To the extent that in turns it does not cause absolutely no emotions – either negative or positive. Just a relaxed car, a hard worker who knows his job and performs it well.

Citroen C-Elysee update dressed up in fashionable color, tried on spectacular rims, but the main thing – got a great gun instead of a cranky robot.

Here are just a suspensions would have a softer temper. And the C-Elysee, and the like are designed for bad road, with great antipathy perceive all more or less serious irregularities. And especially rigid rear suspension – ride like nephrogene van-“pies” with the inevitable toss poop at each noticeable bump. And the sound from working suspensions too much, but this is just a special case of the total lack of soundproofing. However, to calm the machine easily and cheaply on their own.

Closer to the people?

Of our kitchen.OS prices updated Citroen C-Elysee is large enough. The starting figure of 293 thousand hryvnias: in many assess basic car with the 1.2-liter engine version of Live. Equipment, of course, nothing could be easier: airbag only on the driver, glass in rear doors – “rowing” (Yes, there are still cars with manual Windows!), no air conditioning, “music”, too – there is only the radio antenna and wiring for the installation of audio.

Life is more fun in picking Feel valued from 321 thousand. The diesel is already supposed ESP, there are heated front seats, mirrors and the lower zone of the windshield, air conditioning, and many other options can order it from a rather big list.

And test C-Elysee in picking Shine, with a 1.6-liter engine and automatic pulls on 418 700 hryvnia. Lot: for the money it is already possible to rent a car from C-class non-budget image. Therefore, the French sedan obviously find your fortune on the market only in modest trim levels, where it is price and the size of the cabin and the trunk is much more difficult to find an alternative.

Thank you for providing the test car company “Peugeot Citroen Ukraine”


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