Comparison and selection of the spark plugs

The contents

  • Choosing the best spark plug for car
  • The importance of the correct choice
  • Manufacturers of candles, in their variety
  • Candles standard design
  • Candles with platinum tip
  • Iridium spark
  • What to consider when choosing the best spark plugs
  • The selection parameters of spark plugs
  • Case
  • Heat rating
  • Electrodes
  • Temperature range candles

Choosing the best spark plug for car

Gone are the days when asking the question “what spark plugs are best for a specific vehicle”, to a large extent, the answer was the practical experience of drivers. Today, some experiments are no longer meaningful, as the specialized laboratories conduct their research and make recommendations. However, the service and users are often faced with the problem of choosing the best among competing proposals.

With the abundance of talk about what the spark is better, usually it all comes down to the choice of the manufacturer, price and quality. But given these components, we should not forget that the ignition system is one of the most important systems of each engine with spark ignition (commonly diesel). Responsible for handling low voltage current from the high voltage generator, it generates a spark ignition in the combustion chamber, so the ignition system problems is able to block the engine at the moment when you least expect it. All this leads to the fact that the change need to choose the best spark plugs for each specific vehicle.

The importance of the correct choice

To make a conclusion on what good spark plugs, is not easy. After all, every year, to fill the growing needs of modern engines, their range is increasing exponentially. A good product to take into account many characteristics of an engine including physical dimensions, combustion chamber shape, cooling capacity, fuel and ignition system.
The device is a ceramic insulating sleeve, which is resistant to very high temperatures. Classic units have two electrodes, but today these units come with 2-4 electrodes and are characterized by a long service life.
Video about the choice of spark plugs:

Candles play a vital role in producing maximum engine power, at the same time saving fuel consumption and reducing emissions. Best spark plugs allow automakers to comply with the legislation in the sphere of emissions and help motorists get the most out of the engine.
The use of precious metals on the tip of the electrodes on the market today are not uncommon. Many manufacturers use the latest production technology to ensure maximum performance, economy and value. And though these elements have a good life, very often their cost is several times higher than the price of standard products.

Manufacturers of candles, in their variety

Good candles are manufactured by many companies around the world. Among the most prominent and recognized leaders include the company Champion, NGK, Denso and Bosch. Today there are units with bimetallic Central electrode. Champion went ahead and released the bimetal elements with a side electrode that extended thermoelasticity units.
In the mid 80’s there were products of the Central electrode which was made of thin platinum wire. According to the temperature characteristics, they have surpassed all indicators of bimetallic electrodes. For sports and racing cars produced analogues with silver electrodes. The latest novelty in this area were patented by NGK best spark plugs today in which the electrodes are made of iridium alloy.
So what spark plugs are better? Working within the cylinder, they must withstand very high temperatures (around 1000 °C), peak pressure (about 100 bar), an extremely high voltage (about 40,000 V). The device must also cope with the effects of engine performance — aggressive products of combustion of air-fuel mixture, and all this while maintaining the design parameters. Studying the question “What plugs are good?”, it should be remembered that the standard is designed for a service life of about 30 thousand km.

For sale is the following bundle:

  • standard design;
  • with increased strength.
  • multielectrode
  • with platinum tipped electrodes
  • iridium tip electrodes
  • yttrium.

Candles standard design

The most simple and good candle is a classic unit with two electrodes. Their price is quite small, but the service life can not count.

Candles with platinum tip

Best spark plugs with platinum tip is recommended to use under heavy operation of the vehicle.
Platinum (precious metal) allows to produce very thin electrodes. The result is a reduction in the ignition voltage, thereby ensuring safety of ignition. Platinum electrodes with a high resistance to heat and erosion, and have much less wear. Their service life is two times larger than the standard sets.
The appearance of platinum

Iridium spark

Good spark plugs today with the electrode made of iridium (precious metal) offer a new standard in terms of performance and reliability. The reduced diameter of the Central electrode up to 0.6 mm (in comparison: Nickel 2.5 mm, platinum, 0.8 mm) reduces the ignition voltage, that provides quicker ignition and protect the system. The conical shape of the grounded electrode reduces fuel consumption. Electrodes made of iridium alloy shows greater resistance to high temperatures and erosion, the wear is slower and the service life is 2.5 times larger than conventional products.

What to consider when choosing the best spark plugs

Deciding what plugs are better, you need to consult the user manual that generally describes what the element type ignition system was installed initially.
The best items will usually be those that match the original equipment engine and specifications. If you have an old used car, the more expensive platinum units will not be a good spark plugs for your vehicle. A selection of traditional Nickel alloy justify the investment.

Making a choice, take into account some requirements:

  • the reliability of high voltage;
  • insulation properties;
  • corrosion resistance in the combustion chamber;
  • resistance to thermal shock;
  • the thermal conductivity of the electrodes and insulator.

The selection parameters of spark plugs

Information on how good the spark plugs are quite diverse. After all, it should be remembered that each of them has different sizes and features that should be taken into account.
Below are main parameters of choosing the best units:

  • Specifications
    • the diameter of the thread;
    • the diameter of the threaded portion of the plug;
    • the distance between the side and Central electrodes, spark gap.
  • Electrodes
    • Material production:
    • Nickel,
    • copper,
    • platinum
    • iridium,
    • gold,
    • silver.
  • The number of electrodes.
  • Temperature mode
  • Heat range
  • The life of the product
  • Case

    Even the best spark plugs have a certain diameter and the thread length and the type of cylinder head. On the correct choice depends on the normal operation of the engine and its pistons.

    Heat rating

    Conditional parameter that indicates the amount of pressure in the cylinder of the engine when the occurrence of pre-ignition. This number should in any case fit your engine. And if some time the use of candles glow with a large number of still somehow tolerated, in either case, it is strictly prohibited.


    The electrodes must withstand high temperatures and corrosion caused by gaseous combustion products and a flow of electric current.
    Even the best candles have one Central and one lateral electrode. Recently, the producers offer to buy products with 2, 3 and 4-electrode models. Such units help to stabilize the engine operation at low speed.

    New trend is considered the unit without electrode, where the role of additional electrodes on the insulator. They are made on the principle of occurrence of multiple bits, forming a variable spark and providing a more stable ignition of the mixture.
    Copper electrode has good conductivity and has a high corrosion resistance.
    Gold tip allows you to provide additional performance features of the engine, making it easier to start reducing polluting deposits and prolonging the service life.
    Silver tips were specially designed for use in motorcycles, boats and sports cars. They are designed to deliver critical requirements and is able to withstand high pressure. A thin wire of silver reduces misfires, and provides peak output power.
    Platinum electrodes extend product life and performance.
    Iridium spark plugs offer extreme ignitability, improved throttle response and excellent low emissions. They have a high durability and a consistently stable spark.

    Temperature range candles

    The working temperature of the product corresponds to a specific engine. For maximum performance, the ignition temperature should not exceed 900 °C at a constant high speed, and should not be less than 500 °C at a cruising speed of 50 km/h.
    Lowering the temperature leads to the formation of deposits on the insulator that can cause interruptions in the spark, and the increase in temperature leads to pre-ignition.
    The story about the use of spark plugs:

    A definite answer to the question “What spark plugs are better?” no. The choice depends on what type of car you own. New vehicles may require a device with two or more grounding electrodes or those that contain rare elements, like iridium or platinum, allowing to work at high temperatures. Older engines can benefit from standard kits which have a number of features of the engine, some of which burn hotter than others. All these components affect the selection of the best spark plugs for your vehicle. Do you have experience of using different spark plugs? Please share with us.

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