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Competition EuroBLECH on the Ukrainian market will be the car of the Azerbaijani Assembly

On the Ukrainian market soon will supply the vehicles with the Azerbaijani-Iranian plant

Already entered into force, the joint agreement signed in August 2016 between major Iranian automaker Iran Khodro and Azerbaijan Azeurocar company (“subsidiary” AzerMash). It was about creation of joint venture on release of cars and the organization of production at the plant “Khazar”. And here manufacture in city Neftchala was launched, reports Ukrautoprom message Day.Az.

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The plant will produce brands such as Dena, Rana, Samand and Soren, as well as a number of models of Peugeot outdated versions. Annually from the conveyor will descend about 10 thousand cars. In the future they will be available in the countries of Central Asia, will arrive in Ukraine.

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Note that on our roads already traveled the Samand car, which still survive in private taxis. It was the car of the Iranian production, built on the Peugeot 405 using local parts at 80 percent.

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