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Continued: taxi driver lashed out at the fitness coach told his side of the story

The video, which Jana Dankova yelled and lashed out with his fists on the taxi driver in Moscow, became viral in social networks. The girl for some time kept quiet, but could not stand, told in Instagram as she sees what happened.Elena Alekseeva


The heroine of the day: Go get me ***! — fitness trainer rowdy in the taxi

Morning Instagram girls was closed, and now to read her version of the ill-fated trip can anyone. Well, reputation is extremely important for a representative of the fitness industry.

Recall, we are talking about videos where the girl from the back seat of the car for three minutes insulting the driver, shouts, strikes his hands on the shoulder, demanding to take me to the place, and even threatening.

Now Ian regrets that “one second can change your life.” In that second, she became famous, but this fame didn’t. Her life turned into a nightmare — she and friends cut the phone, please give comments, do the threats.

“It is a pity that the hype is ruthless and uncontrollable. All this time I’ve not been in touch and tried to recover. I want you to help me spread the real situation and to pay attention to what is REALLY happening with the taxi and the danger we’re in,” she writes in Instagram.

As part of the dialogue between the taxi driver and a passenger remained behind frames of video filming, let us try to understand this side of the conflict.

As a fitness coach, it is important to be punctual, not to fail customers, which, by the way, the whole group. It is through an application called a taxi and got in the car. The driver long did not move, and on her own, answered that quickly only for a fee. Time was still, so she decided to go as usual. Tried to leave the yard, almost reached the Mozhaisk highway, and suddenly the phone began to warn that the driver started the trip and the counter is not disabled.

“I realized that something goes wrong. Explained what was happening, the driver started to be rude. I asked, what’s wrong? Why such a reaction? Than I hurt him?”

According to her, the man began to threaten that will land right on Mozhaisk highway, didn’t want to cancel the order, so she couldn’t cause of another car. Talked and behaved badly in some moment, quietly turned on the camera. And so it happened that on video man behaves correctly, and the girl is like a real brat.

Ian admits that he’s frightened and from fear and the prospect of staying on one roadway out of myself. But understand that you cannot respond to negativity with negativity and regrets his behavior.

The taxi driver assures that the record did to protect themselves, then he was accused of the attack. However, he is willing to make peace with the client and already blames himself that made the story public, exposing the girl and ruining her reputation, which is extremely important in her profession.

Screenshot: Instagram

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