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Cops missing: the interior Ministry supports the European accident report for all accidents without victims

The idea of expanding the borders of the Euro Protocol announced earlier by Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev. That is, the owners eventually propose to issue accident even in cases if they have few members and there is no consensus about who is to blame for it.

Institute of European accident report should be expanded and further: the more accidents, the drivers will make themselves, the less burden on service members, and their focus was on the performance of basic duties related to the prevention, detection and suppression of offenses in the field of road safety. So said the interior Ministry upon request, with the TASS. The public and relevant agencies continue to discuss the idea, Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev, who does not exclude the application in the future of the Euro Protocol in all road accidents without victims.

While an accident can be issued without the participation of police officers (evroprotokol), if it involved only two vehicles, both drivers ‘ current insurance policies, the damage caused only car involved in the incident and the circumstances of the accident are not controversial and are recorded in the co-feature drivers notice.

  • After the new year in Russia began with the reduction of police officers per 10 thousand people. It turned out that the optimization has touched all divisions of traffic police and traffic police in addition to examination committees and registration of the plots.
  • In the state Duma prepared for the second reading of the bill which may give power to all regions the right to collect and to issue fines recorded by the cameras fotovideofiksatsii. Local authorities will create civil structures by type capital the Moscow road administrative inspection.

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