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Coronavirus has all the with the engines for Rio, Solaris, and Creta

The main questions for today (in addition to — when you receive the vaccine?): threat have become the Chinese goods and how they must now turn.Michael Kolodochkin “driving”Expert

About Wuhan we, in General, yesterday did not really know. But, as is often the case, the misfortune has helped. A metropolis in Central China, instantly became the centre of world attention, but not as the focus of the Chinese automotive industry with many large factories, but because of the unpleasant phenomena named 2019-nCoV. In the simplified variant it is known as coronavirus.

Land from time to time trying to fight the grounders, throwing their various “quests” in the form of AIDS and viruses. This time scared many. And not only mortals, but also representatives of the automotive industry in Wuhan produce cars under a dozen brands — Honda, Nissan, Renault, GM, Peugeot, Dongfeng. And because of the Wuhan virus spreads throughout China, then twitched and manufacturers of other brands, as well as numerous manufacturers of components and assemblies scattered across China. Many companies have evacuated staff members, and others are preparing for this. In connection with the virus a number of enterprises have suspended production of cars, sending employees into a kind of home away from home.

To us, fortunately, the epidemic has not come yet (if it is not considered that the coronavirus diagnosed two citizens of China, located in Zabaykalsky Krai and Tyumen region). A St. Petersburg Creta Solaris and Rio has not left without Chinese motors. But, for some time, China has been actively implemented into our lives in indirect ways — and not only in the form of crowds of tourists, but also through online stores like AliЕxpress or Joom. And here is where the panic began to manifest itself actively. Indeed, millions of different parts, LEDs, relays, wipers, mats, registrars, navigators, chargers, splitters, postaci, tools and even some spare parts — every moment to be ordered, sent and delivered to Russia. Could it be that the Russians, so far neglected by the fashion industry themselves speed up his coming in this way? The border in the far East lockable, but communicate through the post office?

A threat is the Chinese packages? Why no vysokopatogennogo person does not explain to us in the First channel, how to behave? Answers not so much:

— Nonsense, never fear: the coronavirus lives in the environment a couple of days;

— Spit on the money and you can’t touch these parcels;

— Something like “Wash your hands before and after…”.

Alas, the screen flashed only crowds of people in medical bandages. And dear CPS, which, in theory, was supposed to hold among us outreach, as it is not much of a talker. It turns out that information about safe behaviour have to extract somewhere on your Network. However, it is almost unanimously encouraging: the virus actually lives a couple of hours and no car gadgets may not serve as its carrier. And because the advice to all lovers of Chinese mats and wipers as simple as a child: wash your hands often, avoid crowds and, if anything, immediately to the doctor…

It is hoped that the latter will not be required.

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