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Counter travel with a wagon in the presence of pedestrians on the roadway

Parse a difficult driving situation, to be in which everyone can. And how do you do, from my own experience and driving skills?

Imagine the situation. You drive on the right lane of the four-lane road running through the town. The speedometer indicates 60 km/h On the road quite slippery roadway under a layer of wet snow. On the other side of the road from public transport, located about 100 meters away and a bus is pulling out, which just left the company of young people who are “drunk.” They diagonally cross the road, not really paying attention to you and other road users. Meanwhile, in the right lane a few hundred meters from your car towards the moving truck. His driver is preparing to overtake the bus and rebuilt in the next number.

The danger of such a situation and what actions you intend to take? We offer you to vote for the best, from your point of view, decision, and possible options consider the following.

5 Jan

As do you, approaching the company of young people crossing the road in the wrong place?

Continue driving in your lane without reducing speed, but will take your foot on the brake pedal to be ready for emergency braking will beep, calling young people to be more careful, reduce speed to 40 km/h and continue driving, being prepared for emergency braking will Dramatically increase speed to pass a dangerous area before the pedestrian is on your side of the road to costpropranolol


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