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Crimea is getting closer: on the Kerch bridge laid the first 200 meters of asphalt

However, while it is only the lower layer of asphalt concrete, there will be two (in some areas will be a three-layer coating). The final layer will appear when it’s ready detailed design.

Work has begun on laying polymerisation on the Kerch bridge. He laid on the four spans of the bridge is 200 meters coating thickness of six inches, which left about 400 tons of asphalt mix. This bottom coating: on the road the span from the top concrete slab thickness of 200 mm is laid waterproofing (5.5 mm) on top of it is placed the bottom layer of polymerisation (60 mm) consisting of gravel, sand, activated mineral powder, and polymer-bitumen binder. And only then will the laid finishing layer (50 mm) — gravel, sand, mineral powder and stabilizing additive.

A two-layer pavement thickness 11 cm is to be laid along the entire length of the bridge, with the exception of mates on the shores of the Kerch Strait, where the coating is three-layer. The builders claim that the composition of the mixture and its high density guarantees the strength of the coating, its durability and water resistance.

Before “go” on the road, test samples of asphalt were tested for resistance to rutting and fatigue strength, i.e. the ability of the material does not break down over time under the action of loads.

Near the bridge, on the Taman Peninsula operates a mobile facility for the preparation of mixtures of asphalt concrete. It consists of an installation for the preparation of asphalt concrete with capacity 240 TPH, complex sorting and crushing of rubble, and equipment for the production of polymer-bitumen binder. The same complex will be established on the Kerch coast.

  • Recently in the construction area security forces conducted anti-terrorist training to understand how secure the building from intruders. Security forces reported that have provided almost all possible attacks from the sea and from the air and shore.
  • The cost of the bridge is estimated at 227,992 billion and to revise her will. The construction is very complicated, many works are done for the first time.
  • During underwater excavations in the area of the Kerch bridge was found a fragment of ancient Greek sculpture, a terracotta head of a deity. Discoveries in the area of construction already made up a whole exhibition in the East-the Crimean Museum.

Photo: fku uprdor “Taman”

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