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Cross, iPad and the alcohol was stolen from a Toyota priest in the center of Moscow

The incident occurred July 5 on Prospekt Mira. The police asked the rector of the Church in Chisinau.

On the fact of theft criminal case under part 2 of article 158 of the criminal code (maximum penalty 5 years imprisonment), the accident was reported by city news “Moscow” with reference to a source in law enforcement bodies:

“On Wednesday evening, July 5, the police said 52-year-old rector of a Church in Chisinau. According to the victim, unknown stole a backpack from his car Land Cruiser in the Parking lot on Prospekt Mira. In the backpack were a cassock, a priestly vest, belt, silver cross with blue anchors on the ends, cash, an iPad, a passport, a plane ticket, and a canister with 5 liters of alcohol. The total material damage amounted to 300 thousand rubles”.

Toyota Land Cruiser popular car among Russian priests. In may, a great public resonance was caused by history with the Bishop and Livenskogo Maloarkhangel Nektarios, which is a Japanese SUV worth 6 million rubles and was unhappy that this fact was made public. Amid the scandal, the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill made a statement in which he urged the clergy to abandon expensive cars, even if they are present.

  • Last year, the Internet is hotly debated stealing from the car cleaners “Gazprom”: the criminals pulled out of her Mitsubishi Outlander Dior bag made of crocodile skin worth 300 thousand rubles.

Photo: Toyota

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