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CTP reached the President: Putin asked to stop the reform

A letter to the Russian President sent the state Duma Deputy Vyacheslav Lysakov.Pole Matthew Specialist

In his address to Vladimir Putin, the author of most of the “driving” amendments in the legislation suggests that the reform planned will lead to higher rates of auto insurance.

He also asks the President to instruct the accounting chamber to check the validity of the reforms of the CTP, offered by the Ministry of Finance, the Bank of Russia and the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI).

“Because of the increase in rates is entirely within the competence of the Bank of Russia and does not require approvals in the Federal government, only You, dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, will be able to suspend all reforms connected with increase of tariffs OSAGO” — quoted by TASS letter Lysakova the President of Russia.

In addition, Lysakov has asked Vladimir Putin to instruct law enforcement agencies to check the legality of the activities of RSA on the subject of “concealment of crimes committed by heads of insurance companies that have brought and continue to bring the market a significant amount of money”.

Earlier it became known that next year insurers will extend the tariff corridor by 30%, abolishing the territorial coefficient and the power factor. In 2020 the tariff corridor will be extended by another 40%. This year, the Central Bank plans to expand the tariff corridor by 20%.

The Ministry considers that the extension of the tariff corridor should not lead to serious increase in average prices on the insurance policies, the rates are fair, and competition in the market “avtograzhdanki” will increase.

  • Lysakov previously sent a request to the interior Ministry and the Bank of Russia with a request to verify insurance on the loss ratio for insurance companies.
  • Payments for insurance continue to decrease, but insurers do not propose to believe the dry figures.

Photo: Donat Sorokin/TASS

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