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Customs clearance of cars on avtonomera state promises to double profit

The state fiscal service published statistics of payment of customs duties in 2017.

Based on the statistics, SFSU, over the past year, making 80,5 thousand new cars. They cleared all the laws and the state got to 15.8 billion UAH customs payments. In 2016, the number of customs cleared vehicles was 63 thousand has been paid 12.4 billion hryvnia for customs clearance.

Plus in 2017 was officially 72.9 thousand cars were in use. For them at reduced customs rates excise tax is 69.5 thousand cars. In the 5.5 billion hryvnias of tax payments, including at reduced rates – 5,1 billion hryvnias, reports

It is worth noting that, according to GFS, Ukraine is 425,4 thousand vehicles with a foreign registration. If you legalize every one of them for the price of an average 1.4 thousand dollars, the government can obtain the same profits, as received from the customs clearance of new cars in 2017.

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