Daimler has developed a new airbag

Mercedes-Benz registered a patent for the method of installation of the airbag on the supporting pillars of the car to protect pedestrians.

About it reports the edition Motor1.
The idea is to use the rising hood and airbags placed at the front of the car, to protect people from hard impacts. If the collision happens, the edge of the hood near the windshield will move up and extra pillows will unfold.

It is assumed that arbage will be Packed in cloth bags and placed in a special metal housings. One of the ends of such box will be attached to the front pillar, the second to the hood.
Mercedes-Benz noted that the location of the “cushion” will make entire design invisible and, therefore, will not affect the design of cars.
Mercedes has applied for this patent in July 2015, but the patent and trademark office published it just on 3 August 2017.

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