Daimler has introduced a new double-Decker bus Setra S DT 531

The novelty has received improved aerodynamics — the drag coefficient was only 0.35.

The company Setra, which is owned by Daimler, said that to achieve this figure, they used special elements in the front and rear parts of the machine. This, for example, windshield and rear rack from a special mold. In addition, the upper wiper of the bus by default is in the upright position. This decision, as noted in the press release, borrowed from racing cars.

Improved aerodynamics has reduced fuel consumption models for seven to ten percent compared to the predecessor (S 431 DT).

Double-Decker bus has 14 meters length and can accommodate up to 83 passengers. The volume of cargo space reaches up to 8.4 cubic meters. In the climate control of the bus system installed air aromatization, similar to that used in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The function can be activated when the engine is running and closed doors, has six flavors, which are offered in special vials for the system.

Another feature of novelty became a rich set of security systems and driver assistance. Setra S DT 531 became the world’s first coach with Active Brake Assist technology 4, which allows you to recognize pedestrians. It can not only warn the driver about the danger, but to resort to the automatic emergency braking.

Active Brake Assist 4 can distinguish objects in the path of the machine at distances up to 250 meters. Pedestrians are detected at a distance up to 80 meters, and motorcycles and other two-wheeled transport up to 160 meters. The bus is also equipped with function of monitoring of blind zones.

Two-storey model sets in motion a 12.8-liter six-cylinder diesel engine capacity of 510 horsepower. A torque of 2500 Nm available from 1,100 rpm. Relative to the predecessor has a larger fuel capacity is 540 liters vs 510. Surcharge proposed tanks are still 170 or 270 liters.

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