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Daimler patented an airbag for pedestrians

The US patent office published application Daimler to patent a new design of airbags, which are designed to protect against injury to pedestrians.

Automotive manufacturers are paying special attention to the safety of pedestrians. Though, because without the proper protection when hitting them to get the highest marks in independent crash tests. Raised hoods that reduce the risk of leg injuries and head, equipped with most modern cars. But some manufacturers want to go even further.

In the database of the Bureau of patents and trademarks U.S. published application Daimler AG for the registration of industrial rights to external airbags, which are designed to protect pedestrians from hitting car stand.

In principle, the idea is not new: back in 2012, Volvo introduced the airbag, which opened over the entire length of the hood, preventing the blow head on the windshield or stand. However, Daimler AG has decided to develop the idea of the airbag there are two, they are hidden in the a-pillars. Puffing, they cover the stand and the edge of the windshield and its lower part move the hood forward, lifting it.

Airbags located in the front of automobilabgase security located in the front of the car

In the group say they are working on new technologies to protect pedestrians and even created a few prototypes. However, the results of such research are not yet known. Given that the patent application was filed back in 2015, but only now published, it is possible that these airbags will get some passenger models of Mercedes—Benz.

  • Google has decided to approach the issue of pedestrian safety. The company patented the hood, which “sticks” to itself of a pedestrian in case of an accident.
  • Pedestrian safety at arrival is taken into account in the independent Euro NCAP crash tests.

Photo: Daimler, U. S. Patent and Trademark Office

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