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Dealers want to increase the cost of repair for insurance. And insurers — on the contrary

And how will this affect the car owners, is not yet clear.

Dealers ask the Central Bank to increase rates in the references of spare parts for CTP by 20%, citing the fact that the prices do not match the average market prices for original parts in some positions from 30 to 75% and to do some damage repair in Alliance with insurance companies it is unprofitable. And the dealers insist that a common methodology should be allocated to the segment of spare parts especially for car repairs, standing on a warranty.

The President of the Russian Association of automobile dealers (ROAD) Oleg Moseev said that as the Law about insurance allocated segment warranty machines and a common methodology, and reference should also select a segment of warranty machines.

After entry into force (in April of this year) of the amendments to the “motor” of the superiority of repair to the monetary payment, the insurers are faced with the fact that the dealership is not very eager to conclude treaties with them. ‘Officials are not satisfied with the cost of repair, and yet the cars still under warranty should only be repaired by the dealer, otherwise the insurers will not provide as the terms of the contract, must compensate the loss of money.

Moseev understands that if the dealers will exist some special prices for spare parts, it will be an additional burden for insurers, but believes that if the natural compensation will be to work as it should, it will save companies from the costs of the proceedings on the unfair avtoyuristov, and thus they still remain in the win. In addition, of the 40-million car fleet in the country at least 4 million are for guarantees.

Insurers, in contrast, want to reduce the cost of repairs, and RSA have already announced the appearance of 1 August 2017 new reference average cost of spare parts. It is planned that prices will fall somewhere in the 8%. The decision is due July 12.

The insurers had high hopes for “natural” insurance, but they only bear losses: new rules for payments shall apply only to contracts signed after the law came into force, and the requirements of new parts and repair dealer act now and increase the expenditure of insurers. And repairmen are in no hurry to conclude contracts with the insurance companies, considering the proposed prices are inadequate.

Insurers are hoping for a growth rate of CTP, but the authorities are keen to avoid any increase in prices before the presidential election. Insurance companies are willing to tighten their belts until 2018, however, the head of RSA Igor Jurgens has expressed fears that if nothing changes, by the end of 2018, the company will begin mass surrender of the license for insurance. As reported TASS, the probability of failure from this type of insurance is already recorded in the annual report “RESO-the Guarantee” — one of the major players in the market. Indicates that this step the company considers as a last resort.

  • Previously, RAMI was offered as an alternative to the increase in tariffs CTP measures to increase territorial coefficients in unprofitable regions. However, this may cause the cost of the cheapest policy in some regions will rise to 35 thousand rubles.
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Photo: Alexander Batyr/TASS

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