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Death on the roads: who’s killing us?

Published its latest statistics for road accidents over the last year. 088 killed 19 people and injured 215 374.

For fun, read the data of Rosstat. It turned out that in the same year, the number of inhabitants of Russia declined by 17 000 people, and as a result of “natural wastage”. Numbers are pretty close. It seems that the death on our roads is a natural decline… And if it is natural, and nothing surprising.

However, no one is surprised. And the culprits in this decline have long been known — look at any forum. Bend the fingers of the President, MPs, traffic police, road workers, stupid laws, crappy roads, bad drivers, migrant workers, lousy climate, tube… Sorry — ran out of fingers to count himself again does not work.

I am deeply convinced that our road is the hub of stress in modern society riven with inequality and contradictions. A huge number of people feel cheated and angry as the measure of all things become money and only money. But it is unlikely that the teacher, who is recommended between lessons to go into business, sit behind the wheel in a good mood. And it’s hard to say what he thinks, when that evening a careless student in a pricey sports car dashing will cut it on the turn. And survive he in order not to get nasty to someone in response? Because angry people sometimes inadvertently rude to each other, being not in forces to restrain.

Throw evil on the road easier than in the team or in the family. Especially when there is “momentum ignition”, be it tube, or dusty pit on the side of the ham. And today, like it and then created the conditions under which it to be nice and fluffy and unprofitable, and stupid. Never paid attention as we squeeze into peak hours to the tape of the escalator? That’s right: while the crowd shifting from foot to foot, much easier to work around her flanks and squeeze sideways on the stairs on the left… And who the fool? That’s right — the one who is not rude and does not break anything.

With complex “loathsome creature” fought another well-known student with an axe. Today, instead of axe men clutching the steering wheel. And the goal, very often, is still the same: to prove to everyone that I “have a right”! The only difference is that the student at the end just realized something…

Was once so naive by today’s standards the film: “the Inspector of GAI”. There is not good Mikhalkov tried to explain good Nikonenko, what the Law is, of course, correct, but it is, so to speak, for the total mass — and no more. And for a special person such as Director of Soviet car service, there are other standards of conduct…

What really should be done to at least reduce mentioned at the beginning of the number? I have an opinion expressed more than once: the first thing is inevitability of punishment. Progressive financial-educational scale — no upper limit.

For drivers that rod to the curb.

Road, on a site which is full of potholes and bumps.

For inspectors who do not want to help those who need help.

For the deputies and governors, putting on the top of his car and giving the command “Forward!”

Money is a good medicine. We learned somehow to slow down the transitions…

Incidentally, in the causes of accidents (not us, and where ruled by Mr. trump!) recently examined the Forbes magazine. So, the Yankees decided that the main perpetrators of domestic accidents are:

  • purposeful violation of traffic rules;
  • drunk driving;
  • speed is too high;
  • elementary carelessness.

Well, that’s very much the same. Although I am convinced that rampant razdolbaystva on our roads today is much more.

And not only, unfortunately, on the roads. Something we often began to fall.

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