Defaulters of the alimony want to deprive the right to drive a car

Parents who refuse to pay child support should be denied the right to drive a car, travel abroad, use of weapons.
This was during a public discussion of the draft law “On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine on strengthening the protection of children’s right to proper maintenance by improving the procedure for the enforced collection of arrears of alimony” said justice Minister Pavel Petrenko, “Hundreds of thousands of children who are brought up in single-parent families suffer from the irresponsibility and indifference of adults. In fact, the country has become the norm, when one of the parents not living together, evading their parental responsibilities. The numbers are impressive. Now in the Executive service 540 thousand manufactures about collecting of the alimony. That is almost one fifth of the nearly 3 million young Ukrainians who should receive alimony, is not guaranteed by the financial security law”, – said Petrenko.
The Minister of justice noted that, as proposed, to the public, the bill proposed changes that would impose tough but effective measures:

– ban travel abroad until full repayment of debts on payment of the alimony;
– the prohibition to drive a car;
– the prohibition to use weapons and to hunt;
– 240 hours of community service in favor of local communities with the funds to the account of the child (can be used repeatedly – up to repayment of debt);

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