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Dependent or independent suspension — which is better?

Is it always dependent independent suspension replays? No, not always — there are exceptions.Alexey Revin “driving”ExpertMichael Kolodochkin “driving”Expert

Any mention of independence should, in theory, be combined with something advanced and progressive. However, in the case of suspensions, all is not so obvious.

Typical representatives of the auto with dependent pendants is Oise. Foreigners recall, for example, the G-wagon, or “hatchback” Mitsubishi L200 pick-up. These pendants are durable, they provide host protection, leading wheels. With these pendants the drive even when the gearbox is already starting to scrape the ground. They are sealed, are not particularly afraid of moisture, they often do not cranky anther Shrews. Among the shortcomings note the fact that the unevenness of the tires of such vehicles do not operate at optimal angles. Walcott is also not present.

Independent suspension gained a front seat in almost all automobiles. To the rear, they too are chosen — of course, there are exceptions, but almost always, since the C-class, rear, too, is independence. Such machines are better controlled. The contact patch of the tire with the road optimally. Comfort for driver and passengers higher than on machines with dependent pendants.

In General, for severe conditions (frequent trips on the road) better front suspension! In other cases — independent.

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