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Deputy Vitaly Milonov does not want to pay the transport tax

He argues that the tax is assessed incorrectly. Meanwhile he owes the state 60 thousand rubles.

The famous lawmaker-Mr. Vitaly Milonov has a problem — he owes the state 60 thousand rubles (together with default interest), without paying motor vehicle tax, and it has already intervened to the bailiffs.

The statement of claim to the Deputy of the tax service filed in March 2017, and the court supported him. To pay tax Deputy refuses, but the money on his account in the amount of debt is not blocked. The object of the dispute — Mercedes-Benz C180, but Milonov claims that is no longer the owner of a foreign car, and drives a modest Lada Vesta. And the tax on it trying to collect illegally. The Deputy promises that if it is absolutely “no escape”, the debt of course, he will repay. That is, if you can prove that he is wrong in his claim. But pay the extra he does not intend to, money he did not so much as some people think.

“If I had to guys, I’d rather pay and not sweating… But actually, I have five children! Sixty thousand rubles — a significant portion of the family budget, and spend it on incorrectly assessed tax, I don’t want to. This story suggests that I am just a regular person. I drive a car, and it happens that I exceed speed. Go to the store without protection… I don’t have a roof, which would be able to solve all my domestic problems,” he said in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

  • In the capital of the parents want to exempt from payment of vehicle tax depending on the number of children in the family. A differentiated approach, according to the Moscow legislators.
  • Transport tax from time to time are going to be replaced by additional excise duty included in the price of fuel, but until the final decision of the matter has not yet reached.

Photo: Peter Kovalev/TASS

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