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Died legendary top Manager Ferdinand Piech

On 83-m to year of life has died the Ferdinand piëch — the former top Manager of Volkswagen Group and one of the most prominent and recognized figures in world automobile business.Artem Orlov

According to press reports, a TIC with his family arrived in Rosenheim on the event. During the gala dinner he became ill, the doctors brought Ferdinand to the hospital, where he died in the night of August 26. The exact cause and all the circumstances of the death of a top Manager is not yet known.


Ferdinand Piech has lost the battle for Volkswagen

His career in the car business a TIC began at Porsche in 1963, then moved to Audi. In 1993, Ferdinand took the post of Chairman of the management Board of the Volkswagen Group and managed to save the German company from bankruptcy. The next milestone career Picha began the transition in 2002 to the post of head of the Supervisory Council of the concern.

Officially, the work of Ferdinand in the Volkswagen Group was completed in early 2015, when the corporate intrigue, the Piha has led to the fact that he was forced to resign from all of his positions, losing an internal battle for power with the CEO of the Corporation Vinterkorna Martin and other top managers.

  • For the burst shortly after the departure of Ferdinand Piha disilicate of your post left, and Martin Winterkorn, freeing the Executive Director of the Volkswagen Group, Mattias Mueller.

Photo: Volkswagen

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