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Discovered useful MP: he helped to detain the thief-recidivist

Council Deputy isilkulsky municipal district of the Omsk region Kirill Atamanichenko helped police to detain the driver, have stolen at the taxi driver of the Ford Focus. And threatened people’s Deputy with a gun.

Omsk police were chasing the thief the evening of November 25. The attacker called a taxi on the street Surovtseva, ordering took the driver of the sedan Ford Focus. A few minutes after the beginning of the trip, the passenger threatened the taxi driver with a pistol, stole the car. The victim went to the police, in a course quickly-search actions the stolen car was blocked by police on the street Trip.

Perhaps the criminals managed to escape, but earlier on Komarova Avenue, the thief was distracted and disarmed the regional Deputy and party member of LDPR Cyril, Atamanichenko. He was returning home after work in his car, noticed the strange behavior of the taxi driver and decided to follow him. That’s how the people’s Deputy commented on his actions in an interview to the information portal of Omsk “”:

“I have repeatedly participated in the raids, police as a Deputy and therefore immediately suspected that with the driver either drunk or drugged. I followed him, knowing that the driver can be dangerous for other people. He began to run away from me at a red light, but I overtook him and stopped in the center of the College of entrepreneurship and law.I was able to stop the car. And he pulls out a gun, saying, “Wait, I have nothing to lose, I have this car got stolen at the taxi driver!” I know the psychological techniques and tried to calm him down. But to no avail: hijacker started to aim for my head. Right peripheral vision by tracking it, I pulled out my phone and dialed the police. As soon as I realized that help is coming, and with one blow knocked him to drop his gun.”

The party leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky can be proud of their young pupil of Cyril, Atamanichenko.The party leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky can be proud of their young pupil of Cyril, Atamanichenko.

Disarmed offender returned to the stolen car and tried to escape but was soon caught. Arrested was 26-the summer man who is earlier repeatedly brought to trial for robbery and theft, reports a press-service UMVD of Russia across the Omsk region. During the chase, he repeatedly grossly violated traffic rules and ran over two pedestrians.

Our Omsk colleagues also published a video with some episodes of the chase, which he handed to Cyril, Atamanichenko.

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Photos: 55.MIA.of the Russian Federation,


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