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Done in the salon hotter — saved fuel. Myth or truth?

True, but not always. It all depends on the specific design of the air conditioning system.Alexey Revin “driving”Expert

Climate control maintains the set temperature in the passenger compartment, but the methods can be very different. The old (and most reliable) construction of the air compressors had an electromagnetic clutch. This coupler can connect the constantly rotating belt pulley with the shaft of the compressor. When turned on, the compressor starts to compress the refrigerant. The inclusion happens when the button in the cabin — the system works to disable it.

How do you know that your car is such a compressor? Very simple. Clicking air conditioning hear a noticeable click indicates that the clutch worked. The system is applied not only on the budget cars, but the Nissan X-Trail last generation, for example.

Relatively recently, a constant rotation compressors with solenoid valve to enable and disable circulation of the refrigerant. Such a system is used, for example, in the car group Hyundai/Kia since the C-class and above.

The most progressive (but not always reliable) was the decision when the puck is responsible for the movement of the pistons in the compressor, could command the control unit to change the angle. This changes not only the compressor capacity but also the load on the engine. A smaller load is that less fuel is used. A similar system is used on a relatively expensive car brands such as Toyota, Volkswagen or Audi.

That is the most modern system of climate control is not only convenient for the consumer, the exact maintenance of the temperature, but also save fuel. In not very hot weather, if you choose the temperature above degrees, you will save up to 0.5 litres of fuel per 100 km. But if the weather is very hot, such a focus will not pass. At the same time completely turned off the air conditioning saves about 1 liter of fuel for every 100 km.

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