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Downed activist of the movement “Stopham” waiting for the court

Activists of the “Stopham” many cause conflicting emotions. But the consequences of another incident involving them has caused bewilderment even among the haters of the movement.

Activists “Stopham”, famous primarily for stickers “I Park where I want”, which they glue to the drivers on the windshields of vehicles, many cause negative emotions. Also they block the sidewalks, drivers who choose to avoid traffic on the pedestrian part of the road. There are those who support young people, believing that they’re doing a great job since the police did not pay attention to violators.

However, the latest case of an activist movement in St-Petersburg, caused surprise on both categories of drivers. The footage video published in the telegram-channel Mash, it is clear that the activists block the road to the white Mercedes—Benz, which is moving on the sidewalk.


Personal experience: how to deal with the Parking on lawns

The driver stops in front of them at first, but after a moment’s hesitation, presses on the gas pedal and shoots down one of the activists. He falls on the hood, and then flies off to the side.

Due to the low speed no injuries is obvious in the way the activists cheerfully jump to the car and glue on the sticker. But the development of the story came unexpected. The activist appealed to arrived on the scene the police a statement about the hit by a car on the sidewalk. Good evidence galore: “Stopham” traditionally, documenting their actions on video. But in court, the driver was completely justified: there he stated that he accepted the activists for the bandits and was just defending himself from them. But against the activist opened a criminal case under article 167 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Deliberate destruction or damage of property”). As it turned out, his head it damaged the windscreen of the Mercedes—Benz. Now he has given a recognizance not to leave.

Informed “za rulem.Of the Russian Federation” dated stopmovie and even took part in one of the raids of the activists. Reporting the video below.

  • Riding on the sidewalk is one of the favorite ways of autoerosale, not wanting to stand in traffic. One of the most notorious cases occurred with the Director of theatre “Lenkom” mark Varshaver, who decided to drive up to the theatre on the footpath. The violation took an ordinary passerby, who honoured art worker advised “to be treated”.
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Photo: Mash

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