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Drank a mug of beer. When you can drive?

This is one of the most popular questions on the eve of the New year. Some begin to “stretch my liver” since the beginning of December. Or train year-round.

“To drink or not to drink, that is the question. Which is better? Endure from outrageous fortune strikes…” the decision of the question of whether to overturn over lunch with a glass of wine or mug of beer when in the Parking lot waiting for the car sometimes turns into a drama, even a tragedy of almost Shakespearean proportions. And here is the answer.

Let me remind you that the modern norm in Russia, allowing the handling of the vehicle is not more than 0.16 ppm in the exhaled air and less than 0.35 ppm in the blood. This is reasonable, since the body of any person present endogenous alcohol, and its production may increase after consuming dairy products, kvass and lemonade, warm juice, black bread and sausage, ripe bananas, chocolate and even oranges with tangerines. So does non-alcoholic festive table was in its own way dangerous for drivers in the days when we had a provision of “zero ppm”.

Theoretically (I stress this) to go, without fear for themselves and others, after drinking a glass of beer or a glass of wine, after a few hours. Why is it so blurry? Time to sober up depends on the drink, and snacks, and the individual characteristics of the body — weight, liver condition, pressure… Even a psychological background.

Strong dark beer out of the body for much longer bright. Even longer wine. The smell would go away faster if you drink a Cup in small SIPS. With food intoxication is slower, but leaves the alcohol longer.

If a young man weighing more than 80 kg, used in the morning on an empty stomach 0,5 light Beers are 3.5–5% in his blood, there are approximately 0,44 ppm (in exhaled air and 0.26 ppm). Completely sober it will be only for dinner, but to drive the car when absolutely necessary can in two or three hours, without risking to part with the rights. Say it again — theoretically.

Slender, elderly, not very healthy and sad colleague, desperate for dinner a pint of porter fortress 7%, is not entitled to drive until the next morning.

If drinking a liter of foam, on the same day, completely sober not even funny Dawg. Although it may seem that he is right. Even more slowly the alcohol is cleaved and excreted in women. When the intake of alcoholic beverages — almost doubled. The level of enzyme responsible for the breakdown of ethyl alcohol, alcohol dehydrogenase class III, women have less access on average to 58%. Less and the volume of the liver.

Almost well know your capabilities and believe in yourself, but to consider all the factors very hard. So “to forget and to know that this end the aim of heartache and thousands of hardships” is unlikely to succeed. The beer will not bring the expected pleasure, and the risk is very high.

If you know you soon have to drive even low-alcohol drinks should be ignored. Do not drink absolutely. Does not work — call a taxi and behind the wheel, sit for another day.

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