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Drift-car — Jeep Wrangler with a heart from Toyota

On Internet site Craiglist appeared extremely surprising tuning car on the base Jeep Wrangler TJ 1997 release. It has no lift kit, hydreka and “the 37’s” wheels, but has the engine from a Japanese sports car.

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In the Jeep Wrangler — the essence of the designer on wheels — if you want you can even put gimovsky aluminum “eight” of the family LS, remained in the “national” framework. Alternative and more bold option is demonstrated, the American owner of the SUV. By the way, selling him for 20 thousand dollars. Domestic engine he chose… Japanese. And what! Toyota 2JZ-GTE with 3.0 liter from the famous sports car Supra. The motor is standard except for the intake Greddy and two more efficient turbochargers, which increased the return by more than 350 HP by the Way, under one of the “snails” had to cut the hood. Among other innovations listed welded rear differential, the lack of all-wheel drive, led optics and bits and pieces. The object is to build a sports car with the asphalt is clearly a bias, of course, the strange and not the best one. But in the originality of the car can not be denied.

  • There are crafts and abruptly. For example, a hybrid Wrangler and… the Porsche 911.
  • However, it is not necessary to go to such extreme measures. Artificially enough to wear out the Jeep, that he was the center of attention.

Drift-car — Jeep Wrangler with a heart from Toyota

Photo: Craiglist

Drift-car — Jeep Wrangler with a heart from Toyota

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