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Driver fatigue: why fight against it is senseless

The most common explanation of the causes of any accident — lost control. This common phrase often hides a banal fatigue of the driver. “Behind the wheel” to find out how to recognize fatigue and whether it is possible to fight it.Michael Kolodochkin “driving”Expert

“Even if you are all the time able to paint the bullet for beer, it does not mean that the same day you can spend on the road”.

Eduard Kravtsov, the trucker

In his article “Methods of distant battle”, published in the journal “driving” even 15 years ago, professional drivers, first listed the main people’s ways of dealing with sleep:

  • washing with water or rubbing with snow face and the “other body”,
  • trying to change posture, fidgeting,
  • squats, grimaces, jumps on the sidelines
  • chewing something
  • rocking head
  • loud singing,
  • deliberately loud, hysterical laughter,
  • a lot of double and triple coffee without sugar, energy drinks and other such nonsense.

And then summed up… Remember, they say all these wonderful techniques have in common… their complete uselessness!!! Because in the battle with sleep, the winner is known in advance — and it certainly won’t be you. And the one who flaunts your uniqueness, sooner or later will either Wake up in a wrecked car, or in intensive care, or even away from this world.

For a Comedy it may be, and will do. And to deal with sleep — ever.For a Comedy it may be, and will do. And to deal with sleep — ever.

It’s an honest view of a man, the wind on the seven-digit odometer miles. Of course, everyone is different and the fatigue limit at everyone, but the General effect is still there. Roughly speaking, if you the previous night a good night’s sleep did not work, and then, after a busy day, managed a nice dinner, then gather at night ride a thousand miles pretty stupid. Initially, willpower, the driver still could cheer up, but with every minute his concentration will decrease. The result — look one paragraph above.

Doctors, of course, are negative. Like, even if you fall asleep, you should know: faster all tired nerve cells of the brain and then muscles. The driver who is fatigued behind the wheel, the worse the perception, memory, thinking and attention, reduced visual acuity, disturbed coordination, increased reaction time, pulse quickens, you lose the sense of speed. In General a full bouquet. In plain language this can be expressed as: if the driver sees a healthy sign, say, for 100 meters, then tired — just over 80. And the longer the work day the driver is, the higher the chance to end up in an accident. If you believe the research, then the probability to have an accident after a 12-hour stay at the wheel about 9 (!) times above, than at 6-hour. So says a statistic — it is pointless to argue.

Dinosaurs on the road

“For a moment my attention was diverted from the road. And when I again looked forward, he saw something moving towards me on the road, at the end of the cone of light from the headlights. At first I froze, thinking that the senses deceive me. Because it was a dinosaur…”

Clifford D. Simak, “Devil mind”

Dinosaurs on the road I’ve seen in person! On the track M8, if anyone is interested… Between Velsk and Vologda.

It was 15 years ago, when I was on the editorial Matiz went to Moscow from Arkhangelsk. It so happened that to sleep at the hotel failed (mosquitoes snickering, sorry…), and to sleep in a white night particularly, like, not like. In General, after three hours, we rushed to the side of the house, turning on the way to the seat. On the street — 30 degrees with the tail of the condos in matisic there, and behind — the buzzing of myriads of abominations. And then I realized that I just really want to sleep…

Stopped… Bathed… Seems to be released, but after half an hour it all started again — I want to sleep. Decided to stay, but — alas: staying Matiz temperature crept up to fifty dollars! From the fan to sense — zero. When you’re moving — still normal, but sleep in hell — impossible. And the window does not open — will eat. In the end, drove on…

Companion, unlike me, could sleep under any conditions — successfully did. While I’m driving, while trying to chew, speak, sing, listen to music and something else… And when to Vologda less than a hundred kilometers, I saw a dinosaur. They were black and large — their silhouettes quietly moved across the highway. Honestly, I was not surprised and not frightened. But after reaching the hotel, just collapsed on the bed and passed out for eight hours.

Then seasoned colleagues hammered me: I had to stop and sleep at least half an hour in the pan, otherwise it could have been worse. But what about the dinosaurs believed without exception. Apparently, I was not the first who has directions to this fatigue.

When you struggle with sleep, then at some point the road becomes so blurred, soothing…When you struggle with sleep, then at some point the road becomes so blurred, soothing…

No, in the mirror I didn’t see. But the way dinosaurs really moved…No, in the mirror I didn’t see. But the way dinosaurs really moved…

The world is ruled by interest

By the way, merry psychologists say that if the work is hard but interesting, the contractor gets tired much less than when running light, but dull work. I agree with this completely. And the guard, languishing in idleness on the chair to the end of the shift really feels exhausted.

With regard to drivers is evident just driving on an empty autobahn dull able to wear down the person is much stronger than the city derguna. And falling asleep while driving can be caused by not fatigue as such, but the monotony of the environment. In smart articles this effect is called “sleep drunkenness”. It is said that he exposed the full extent of 23% of drivers, mild to 74% and only 3% not affected at all. And the tricky science videoecology confirms this: a monotonous picture in front of the eyes affects the mind-numbing driver.

Strange as it may sound, but modern technology sometimes can play quite a positive role in dealing with the frazzled driver. It’s one thing when your thing is buzzing and shaking, and quite another for example when of love your car equipped with tires made according to the technology that reduces noise by several decibels! Developers, of course, thank you — nice that the noise from the friction of the tire is significantly reduced due to the polyurethane foam inside surface of the wheels. But it’s all good when the driver is cheerful and happy and does not want to sleep. But if the brain only thought is on the bed with a pillow, then excessive comfort driving becomes almost harmful… the Moral is simple: tired away from behind the wheel!

Each passenger — in a soft place!

A few words about the passengers who consider it their inalienable right to sleep until the driver turns the steering wheel. Of course, it’s not about intercity buses, but about ordinary cars. So, when road conditions “sleepy”, the sweetly snoring passenger greatly reduces the chances of the crew to safely reach their destination. It is strange that not all it comes.

Many girls like to sleep in the passenger seat. In my experience, how negatively it affects the exhausted driver, who also want to sleep…Many girls love to sleep in the passenger seat. In my experience, how negatively it affects the exhausted driver, who also want to sleep…

By the way, falling asleep can happen instantly, suddenly. And the sleep is perceived as the reality in which the driver steers in a virtual way with their sahibine. The above mentioned dinosaurs are part of the same dream (well, briefly).

What say the Rules?

But nothing concrete… and I Quote paragraph 2.7:

2.7. The driver is prohibited: to drive a vehicle in a state of intoxication (alcoholic, narcotic or other), under the influence of drugs that impair reaction and attention, painful or fatigued, endangering traffic safety…

Indeed, otherwise it could not be: to specify the fatigue in some units impossible. However, doctors suggest the following: the driver needed sleep, equal to the duration of the working day! That is, if sat behind the wheel 12 hours and need to sleep as much. But in practice this is impossible: I woke up, and again behind the wheel! Moreover, drivers tend to hide even their malaise: they have to go!

In modern vehicles, on the dash and then flashes a warning saying that it’s time to relax! But who listens to such “advisers”? On heavy about the fatigue of the driver in some degree prevent tachographs — but this is an example of a bit of our lives.

Anyone have suggestions on how to get the tired driver from behind the wheel, we invite you to speak.

Driver fatigue: why fight against it is senseless

Driver fatigue: why fight against it is senseless

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