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Drivers are asked to remove vehicles from roadsides

In Kiev, fell about 20 inches of rain on the roads this morning possiblye tube

The first of March was marked by the snowfall which prodajalna all night. At this point in Kiev has fallen 20 cm of snow. The press service of Kyiv city state administration urged not to use a personal vehicle in order to prevent the consequences.

City services are also urged to Park their cars along the roads to give the possibility of snow-removing equipment to fully racemate the roadway. Machines that will keep it will be evacuated.

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Five important steps to avoid danger in the ice

A similar situation is observed practically in all cities of the country. March 1 in most areas heavy snow, blizzards, snow drifts. Night in Mykolayiv, Kirovograd, Dnipropetrovsk and Poltava very heavy snowfall. In Lviv promise thirty-degree frosts.

Recall that there are an important rules which will help to avoid trouble in the ice.

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