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Drivers-lefties get into accidents more often right-handed

The insurers analyzed insurance claims from the beginning of 2019 and conducted a survey among insured car owners.Elena Alekseeva


To slip or pass all unpleasant, but typical situation

It turned out that the drivers are the lefties get in an accident on 25% more often than right-handers. A study conducted by the Kazakhstan company “London-Almaty” with the help of a survey among nearly two thousand car owners in the cities of Almaty and Nur-Sultan (former Astana) aged 18 to 67 years.

The approach was first conducted in-depth interviews, and then received in the course of qualitative research the hypothesis was tested by comparison with their own statistics.

Participants were asked to answer a series of questions: are You a righty or a Lefty? Have you been in an accident in the last five years? Were you responsible for the accident? How often do you break traffic rules while driving? Have you received within the last two years, the fines for speeding? Do you have difficulty Parking or reversing? How can you determine his character? What personal qualities do you consider most important?

Only 14% said that they are left-handed, while 26% of drivers-left-handed people get fines for speeding, and among right-handers only 18%. 29% of left-handers have difficulty when Parking the car, among right-handers of only 21%.

Interestingly, most of the drivers-left-handed people consider themselves to be risky, recognized that sometimes the mood can go on red light, and among the weaknesses noted excessive harshness and irascibility.

Yet analysts of the insurance company believe that the reason most accidents lefties in that machine, road signs and all the infrastructure with which the interact drivers, designed based on the characteristics of right-handers. Left-handers have to adapt to the offered conditions.

Earlier studies of the same foreign University, it was discovered that human actions depend on which hand he is leading. Thus, the right-hander will be much more likely to take a biscuit out of the box, if it is on the right and lefties on the left. Following this logic, the drivers are left-handed are more likely reflexively turned to the left, into oncoming traffic than to the right, off the road, hence more accidents.

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