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Driver’s licence for novice drivers will take forever

Drivers with experience of two years in case of serious traffic violation will take away rights without the possibility of recovery.

The new law will allow police to take away the rights of novice drivers and to deprive him of the ability to drive a car. The corresponding resolution was adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers and published on the government website.

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The document refers to the fact that the return of a driver’s license to persons who received it for the first time and denied the right to drive the vehicle is not carried out.

In November 2017, it was decided that the primary driver’s license in Ukraine will be issued for two years. If within two years from the date of its receipt by the person was not committed three or more administrative offenses, he can obtain a permanent license.

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Now it turns out that when exceeding the limit or committing serious violations of driver’s license person loses forever. In the future he will once again undergo training and pass exams.

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