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E-insurance: the insurers issued an ultimatum

The insurance lobby wants to complicate the purchase of electronic insurance policy “avtograzhdanki.” Insurers attribute this to the need to protect against fraud.

Since last year, all insurance companies were obliged to sell insurance policies in electronic form in order to make a “motor” is available in the detailed regions where the insurers do not want to work and avoided contracts (imposition of additional services, no policies, etc.).

However, due to the fact that at the conclusion of insurance policies in electronic form, insurers faced with a new wave of fraud, they turned to the Central Bank with a request to impose restrictions when concluding contracts in electronic form.

In his letter to the insurer asking to complicate the purchase of electronic insurance policy. In particular, at the conclusion of the contract CTP in electronic form by the policyholder must be the sole owner of the vehicle, writes “Kommersant”, and in the design of the policy he will have to drive all the data manually instead of uploading scans of documents. So insurers want to protect themselves from fraudsters who fake the data in the graphic editors, in order to get discounts or to change the territory of registration of the vehicle.

In the proposal of the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) States that the insurance company shall be entitled to cancel the policy with false information — today, it must first repair the damage, and only then to present a regressive claim against the owner of the car.

Also, RAMI asks to enter “the franchise in 72 hours” — the start of the electronic policy from the time of purchase should be postponed for three days. So insurers want to protect themselves from those who are trying to issue the insurance policy after accident.

Finally, insurers want the lifting of the ban on restoration work at the site during the day and to remove the provision requiring the restoration of the work within eight hours of discovering the problem. Today, insurance companies are obliged to place the counters with the countdown until the recovery operation.

The President of RSA Igor Yurgens says that payments under contracts e-insurance concluded by fraudulent means, make up about 3 billion roubles, i.e. 10% of the annual losses of the insurers in court cases. However, the introduction of mandatory e-insurance led to lower average cost of the policy, and the insurers simply want to protect themselves from forced sales of “autocitizen” in unprofitable regions.

  • Previously insurers have proposed to use remanufactured parts for repairs for insurance.
  • In February, the RSA has published a ranking of the most problematic regions for insurance.


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