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Electric car Lucid Air speed of up to 380 km/h

Electric sedan, which removed the speed limiter, showed real “maximum speed”.

The company Lucid Motors showed a video in which a 1000-strong electric car Air accelerates to 377,29 kilometers per hour. In April of this year, the car is dispersed up to 350 kilometers per hour, but then as it turned out, speed was electronically limited.

The tests were performed on the high-speed oval in Ohio. In the race involved a test prototype, which was equipped with a serial propulsion, but there were some small improvements – cage and modified the control software of the air suspension to ensure its correct operation at high speed.
The manufacturer has started accepting orders for the Lucid Air, though the delivery of the first electric vehicles planned for the end of next year. The serial car will have two sets of batteries, capacity of which can reach 100 or 130 kilowatt-hours. In the latter case, the vehicle can pass without recharging up to 640 kilometers.
Cost models — from 100 to 160 thousand dollars.

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