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Electronic handbrake for drift? $ 999, Ford Focus RS, and it’s yours

Lucky owners of the hot hatch Ford Focus RS latest generation had the opportunity to order a unique option — the electronic handbrake Drift Stick, facilitate driving in the slip. Set up innovative host driver and stunt man Ken Block.

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In your videos with car stunts Ken Block to provoke drifts and slides constantly uses a large lever hydraulic handbrake, but the installation of such a knot requires some pretty serious intervention in the design of the car, and for his proper use of the necessary experience of a professional racer, so even sports car manufacturers such a thing to their clients not offer. But the team Ford Performance have found a way of instantly sending the car into a skid by using more simple to install and use a device called a Drift Stick, it is already available for North American owners of the hot hatchback Ford Focus RS latest generation.

Electronic Drift Stick is installed in place of the regular analog handbrake on the Focus RS and complements the drift mode driving electronics: with the “delay” aluminum lever operated clutch drive the rear wheels and increases the pressure in the cylinders of the rear brakes. As a result, the rear wheels lock, skidding occurs, the driver is able to take corners sideways, as do rally racers.

Unlike hydraulic handbrake Drift Stick does not require application to the lever a great effort (not more than 3 kg) and is triggered instantly. The device additionally equipped with a USB connector through which you can obtain diagnostic data and load settings of the power unit. Calibration of the device together with specialists from Ford Performance worked Ken Block, here is how he commented on the result:

“I believe that the ability to cause large drifts in the corners that Ford Performance offers its clients, is really cool. It is clear that I have this technology is a special delight as I participated in the development of the car and I was particularly pleased to see that it was implemented. It definitely allows you to get more a fan of the Focus RS”.

Use dipstick, however, is only possible on race tracks before driving on public roads the device should be removed. It is noteworthy that its use does not affect the factory warranty — drive sideways for fun, American fokusovody! It is possible that over time, Ford will offer Drift Stick and European owners RS Tricks, but the 350-horsepower all-wheel-drive hot hatch, unfortunately, is not officially supplied.

Electronic handbrake for drift? $ 999, Ford Focus RS, and it’s yours

  • In October, Ford announced the recall in Russia new Mondeo sedans because of problems with Electromechanical Parking brake.
  • Electronic handbrake — a great option driversa, and in the future in the list of additional equipment of cars Ford moved the steering wheel and pedals, as the long-awaited era of Autonomous driving.

Photo: Ford

Electronic handbrake for drift? $ 999, Ford Focus RS, and it’s yours

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