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Elon Musk dissipates the gloomy predictions of Tesla

The American manufacturer has published financial indicators for the first quarter of 2018 with losing numbers.

Three months of this year the company Tesla gained $ 3.4 billion to improve the result of last year during the same period. At the same time, the company’s expenses exceeded all possible limits, and net loss amounted to 785 million dollars, even in comparison with the first quarter of 2017, when companies were in the red on 397,1 million dollars.

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While the promises of the President of the company Ilona Mask is not carried out, and he made emphasis on the fact that no investment was needed over the whole year. It plans to achieve this is reorganization and restructuring, which will be held later this month.

According to the Mask, the number of third-party contractors, which had to cooperate, out of control. The Chapter plans to restore order and to remove unnecessary companies from the production chain. He also admitted that he was wrong, plugging too many automatic processes in the factory.

“We have temporarily reduced the automation and introduced some semi-automatic or manual processes while we work to eventually fully automate the work,” the company said.

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Mainly, the company needs to reach the level of production of 5 thousand cars Model 3 in a week and then profit will rise. Because the number of people willing to buy electric car to the mass added, and currently more than 450 thousand. People are ready to wait for six months to buy a new product.

According to the manufacturer, they will be able to reach the planned indicators by July of this year.

Recall that a month ago Tesla published figures for the production increase.

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