Elon Musk revealed inside Hyperloop

AndDejah supersonic Hyperloop transport system (“Hyperpathia”) put forward in 2012, the founder of companies SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk. Almost immediately after this to create a “vacuum” trains of the future has started several companies. The train will be pushed out into the pipe under high pressure is accelerated up to 1200 km/h under the influence of air currents and electromagnets. Friction and aerodynamic drag will be reduced to zero.

Presented in Arab Emirates the passenger capsule more like a business class plane than in the cabin of public transport. It is noted that the car is spacious and passengers can stand tall, and between the seats there is a place for Luggage. Also, the armrests engineers have embedded touch screens, but the company does not reveal their purpose.

The first route in the world “Hyperpoetry” will be built between Dubai and Abu Dhabi- travel to 139 kilometers takes only 12 minutes (for comparison, the trip by car along the same route will last about one and a half hours). According to experts, today this route passes over four thousand cars, and the launch of superfast trains will help to unload the track, and also to save on the reduction of working time loss of 800 million U.S. dollars.

Recall that in late February, the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine announced the creation of a Centre of transport innovation that will launch in the river the first test pad Hyperloop. The project is also supported engaged in the production of rocket technology enterprise “Yuzhmash”, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, “Ukroboronprom”, the company “Interpipe” and “Unit City”. According to estimates of the TV channel “24” kilometer high-speed railway will cost 16-18 million dollars.

Hyperloop troieschyna

Internet users, as usual, immediately flooded social networks with jokes on this topic.

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