Elon Musk says that a Tesla truck Semi has a range of 960 km

Truck Tesla will be able to move further than originally planned.

According to the head of the company for the production of electric cars, Elon musk, the truck will have a power reserve of 800 km and 960 km. That statement was made as part of the quarterly report of the company.

Earlier the head of the truck division of Daimler Martin Daum made a statement about what statistical indicators Tesla Semi break the laws of physics. Really, it’s hard to believe the words of the Mask, done in the framework of the motor show in California last fall that the truck is able to dial first “hundred” for 5 seconds, and loaded 36 tons, he first accelerates to 100 km/h in 20 seconds.

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In addition, system energy recovery Semi able to recover 98% of the kinetic energy of the battery, and to recharge an electric truck can be from high-voltage charger Megachargers, which will add 640 km in 30 minutes.

Efficiency is enhanced by low wind resistance, and Tesla claims that Semi has a drag coefficient of 0.36 Cd vs Cd of 0.65 that of other competitors.

Tesla refrained from details about the powertrain and the battery of the truck, but showed that the car has developed an Autonomous technology to prevent damage to the trailer. Built-in sensors for the detection of instability and can adjust the torque transmitted to each wheel independently to actuate all the brakes if necessary. The truck also introduces a new Enhanced Autopilot system with automatic emergency braking, automatic control of the lane, a warning about leaving the traffic lane and even event registration.

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According to Mask, the possession of such a truck for industrial purposes will enable any company to save 200 thousand dollars depending on fuel prices.

The truck with the 960-kilometer reserve in America, worth 180 thousand dollars. Version with lower range of 480 km will cost about 150 thousand dollars. This despite the fact that trucks with internal combustion engines are 30% cheaper.

In any case, in the pursuit of ecology for several companies in the United States, including giant chain Walmart, has already reserved Semis to use in the fleet. after all this the price of reservation of trucks has increased from 5 thousand dollars to 20 thousand.

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The production of the Semi Tesla will begin next year, by that time, according to the Mask production holes companies leave in the past.

Recall that recently the company Anheuser-Busch ordered its fleet of over 700 trucks, Nikola, and Tesla, it has acquired only 40 tractors.

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