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ERA-GLONASS: it still helps!

According to the operator, the country goes more than 1.6 million connected to the cars system, and by the end of the year expected 3.5 million.

According to statistics, the system operators as from 1 January 2016 received and processed more than 750 thousand calls, of which more than 9 thousand. required the response of emergency services. Although this amounted to only 1.2 percent of received calls, you have to understand that talking about really serious accidents that life-saving important minutes.

Every day in Russia there are about 500 traffic accidents, and almost every ninth fatal, a quarter of all accidents occur outside built-up areas where help may come later than required. To change this sad statistics is the task of the system ERA-GLONASS, said earlier a member of the Board of Directors of JSC “GLONASS” Dmitry Rogozin.

The system works like this: sensors in the car record the accident, then the information about the accident (location, time of accident, the VIN of the vehicle) arrives in the emergency center “ERA-GLONASS”, the operator communicates with the driver and finds out what happened, what kind of help is needed and not about whether the call. From then on, the incident is transferred to the system emergency services on 112, and they begin to help. Despite the seeming length of a chain, it all happens in a short time — up to 19 seconds.

  • The traffic police recently published statistics of accidents: number of fatalities in 2017 decreased by 6% compared with the year 2016. In the reduction of deaths on the roads has made a contribution and ERA-GLONASS, and every year this contribution will be all the more noticeable.
  • We will remind, the first production car, is connected to system ERA-GLONASS was the Lada Vesta.

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