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Europe will impose strict standards for the availability of safety systems in cars

The European Commission is developing new regulations of safety standards for new vehicles.

EU Commissioner for transport Violeta Bulk said in an interview with German newspaper Die Welt that the Commission is planning to release new standards for safety. In particular, they will relate to the availability of active systems in new vehicles, reports UNN.

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“In may the European Commission will present a number of measures to ensure road safety. These include a new mandatory rules regarding provisions that enhance the safety of new vehicles and require the introduction of new technical means,” she said.

Bulk said that such demands will affect the “automatic emergency braking or warning system exit lane”. According to her, the obligatory presence of an intelligent assistant of speed limits in the car, will greatly enhance road safety.

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She added that the accident statistics shows that in 2017 the EU accident rate and the number of road deaths decreased by 2% to 25.3 thousand persons, which corresponds to 49 victims per million inhabitants.

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