Euroshare will receive subsidies from the state

Aboutthis at the briefing said the head of the Directorate of family and social support Ministry of social policy Vitaly muzichenko: “the Car EuroBLECH — the problem is not only subsidies, but also the state. It is impossible to establish the fact of ownership rights on these assets. If it is impossible to establish that a particular property belongs to a specific person, and it just uses on the basis of something, it cannot be used in official statistics”.

We will remind that since may 1 this year Ukraine has significantly tightened the rules for calculating subsidies. In particular, subsidies deprived the owners of the cars and spacious apartments. To put it more clearly: the man who bought the car and have paid all taxes, state aid can not expect. And the person who had ordered an expensive foreign car from abroad without paying a dime to the budget – grant for payment of utilities that the Treasury will receive.

Lithuania passed eurobserv Ukraine

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