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Evroprotokol “without paper”: a minor accident cleared from your smartphone

From November 1, residents of Moscow, Moscow region, St.-Petersburg, Leningrad region and Tatarstan will be able to issue minor accidents via the app.Elena Alekseeva


All for 400 000 — indemnity limit for the Euro Protocol increased

We are talking about accidents that are allowed to register for europrotocol: they are not affected, the amount of damage a small, involved two cars and there is no disagreement between the parties. Today, such accidents can be issued without using the paper form, the Executive Director of the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) Evgenie Ufimtsev. Manipulation can be done online through a special mobile application “Helper insurance”, which will be available to 100 million users of the portal.

Crash is fixed with a smartphone one of the drivers. It comes in a pre-installed app, and the data of the participants are automatically generated from the system of public services from the PCA. Need to take pictures of car damage and fill in an electronic notice, the scheme of road accident have (yet!) sketch on paper, then take a picture and attach to the electronic document.

Generated a draft of the notice on accidents should confirm the other party of the accident. The app will generate on the screen the QR code: the second the driver puts the phone’s camera reads the code and enters after logging on the portal of public services, where it accepts or rejects the notification. If everything is properly prepared, the members come for FREE, after which they can disperse.

In 2021, the app will work across Russia, now as the pilot selected the five regions where there is a stable mobile phone reception, people start actively using smartphones and there are many insurance companies. Also promise that in the future will not have to take pictures of the scheme of road accident, will appear in the application designer crashes. And over time, participants will be able to register the accident with two smartphones at the same time.

The new service was developed in the framework of the national project “Digital economy”, aimed at facilitating the lives of citizens.

  • From this material you will learn how to act in case of accident, not to waste time and not to miss the point.


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