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Experts have called the most popular diesel cars in Russia

On cars equipped with a diesel engine, accounts for only 5% of the total Russian fleet.

Only in Russia at the beginning of this year, there were 2.1 million passenger cars equipped with diesel engine. That is, their share in the Russian car Park was about 5%.

Most diesel cars among Japanese SUVs and pickups in the top ten leading six positions they occupy. Leading the list of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado — the beginning of 2018 in our country, these cars were 81,4 thousand pieces. Second place, estimated by analysts of “AUTOSTAT”, is a Toyota Land Cruiser with an index of 73.9 thousand units. Closes the three leaders of the Mitsubishi Pajero (66,9 thousand units). The top five also includes the Toyota Hilux and the German SUV Volkswagen Touareg.

The most popular diesel cars in Russia (thousand units)


Toyota Land Cruiser Prado



Toyota Land Cruiser



Mitsubishi Pajero



Toyota Hilux



Volkswagen Touareg



Mitsubishi L200



Mitsubishi Pajero Sport



Kia Sorento



SsangYong Kyron



Hyundai Santa Fe


Says the editor of “Behind the wheel” Michael Kolodochkin:

Honestly speaking, a bit surprised at the ratio 5%: for some reason, thought that passenger diesels are much more. Perhaps my wrong perception of reality contributed to the rapid behavior “disallow” on various forums. They say, “50 horse diesel will always beat a hundred petrol”… and so on. I never understood the admiration for cars with diesel engines. In the era KAMAZ trucks with “free” fuel in the huge tanks dream of a freebie was at least understandable. But today, in my opinion, the emphasis has shifted. The modern diesel with its great pressures and expensive fuel equipment on the knee can’t be fixed, and the price of diesel fuel at the pump is almost equal to the price of gasoline. Add to the problems of our weather: a look at the calendar and on the thermometer… the Europeans are accustomed to a different climate, and the stove does not hurt that need. And we have winter diesel in the car getting cold: motor with high efficiency taking all the heat myself… Finally, think about freezing in the winter diesel fuel! It is curious that today the situation may change. Europeans together begin to abandon diesel engines — then they cease to develop, where they are not allowed in the city… against this background, we can expect the mass expulsion of the Europeans the “wrong” car to nearby countries, but Russia is similar to the sanctions against the diesel engines are not yet introduced. Let’s see how the statistic changes at least a year…

  • The temperature at which the modern passenger car equipped with turbo engine, confident start in the winter, have found our author.
  • Efficiency has always been the strength of diesel vehicles, but the advantage is questionable, considering that such machines are more expensive than gasoline on the average on 100 thousand roubles. So when will be able the money to “recapture”?

Photo: Toyota

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