Experts have predicted what will happen to fuel prices

The trend to fluctuations in the price of fuel subsides, and the price will be stable in the near future

In March at the filling stations of the country it was possible to observe a reduction in the price of 2 and 30 cents, while gas fell even more. The experts of “Consulting group A-95” analyzed the situation and noted that the potential cost reduction was twice more.

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The government will monitor the price of fuel

If you compare filling a full tank at the beginning of March and today, the figures are 20-30% decreased. Filling full tank of petrol A-95 now costs 17,76 UAH. cheaper.

“The market situation was stable. In addition, the price of oil kept the exchange rate was also more or less on the same level. This gave the stability of prices”,- says Sergey Kuiun, Director of “Consulting group A-95”.

According to experts, the potential to reduce prices will be reduced to zero. Then everything will depend on the exchange rate and the stability of the hryvnia. What with the advent of spring, start of agricultural work and increase the number of trips any impact on prices has not. Agricultural companies have contracts directly with refineries, and small business – with private suppliers.

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Fuel is expensive not only in Ukraine

There is a bit of a risk by the Belarusian neftanikov – termination of supply will force traders to focus on Polish and Lithuanian gas. So it was last year. It may lead to a rise in prices in April. But it will affect only those companies that have not signed the agreement on stable supply for a year.

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