Familiar cars with unusual technical solutions. Our report

our source have already talked about the collection of American cars, one of Europe’s largest private collections of automobiles and technology in Sinsheim German. But this meeting and the biggest to surprise. Here you can see a ordinary car with a very original technical solutions.Rare original technical solution is not always bad but not always good. There were also some objective reasons to these examples of engineering and design have not become mass. One of the main reasons – they are not all needed. Which in any case does not detract from the efforts of their creators. And even more – not questioning their engineering genius.

On one of these cars our source was told. This is the car of U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower Cadillac Fleetwood 1957, which came under fire. Here it is necessary to pay attention to the loopholes in the Windows and doors that open, and that the guards used to shoot from the attackers. After all, if, as in the movie, just to break the glass, the President can proskvozilo.

What were the cars of the American dream. Reporting from the Museum

At the time, the pictures of this car called the Blue Flame circled the cover of magazines all over the world. Blue Flame is actually a missile on wheels. And it in 1970, pilot Gary Gabelich on the surface of a dried-up salt lake Bonneville in Utah has set a speed record on land – 1014,656 km/h. By the way, some people think Blue Flame is the ancestor of the era of LPG, after the car went on the gas. Not on LPG, and liquefied natural gas LNG and hydrogen peroxide.

One of the most expensive cars in the world – Bugatti 41 Royale Napoleon Le Patron is also there. These cars were built in just 7. Two more, the correspondent of our source saw in the Museum of the brothers Slump in the French Mulhouse. From Napoleon, Ettore Bugatti built in 1927, 13-liter, 8-cylinder engine with 300 HP At the time this 41 Royale was worth the crazy 160 thousand Reichsmarks. For this money you could buy a dozen Rolls-Royce and fifty Mercedes-Benz.

The most expensive cars of all time. Our reporting from the Museum in Mulhouse

Many people think that the Lamborghini Urus is the first SUV from the famous brand. But they are wrong. The first was the Lamborghini LM-002. It did thirty years ago, in 1987 for Arab Sheikh, who recognized only the brand Lamborghini. This SUV is considered one of the rarest in the world – those produced only 200 pieces. Its 5-liter V12 developing 450 HP and can accelerate a 3-ton SUV is more than up to 200 km/h. gasoline Consumption is about 60 l/100 km. Utter nonsense for an oil Sheikh.

Looking at this off-road monster, it’s hard to tell that he’s Swedish production. Military Volvo TP21 Special Convention of 1956 has a Volvo body, cab, 40-ies of the last century. But under the hood it is a turbocharged Ford diesel engine capacity of 7.3 liters and power of 348 HP. the Drive is full. Patency of this Swedish monster compared to the Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen and range Rover.

Because, myself Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim German, it is natural that most German cars.

Volkswagen Kubelwagen 181 is actually our Ukrainian Volyn. A military vehicle with four-wheel drive and differential lock for the hopeless off-road. All this economy moved 1.6-liter engine power of 44 HP was Produced from 1969 to 1979. In total, there were produced 15 thousand copies. In particular, for mail and courier service. By the way, Kübel in German the bucket.

Another military vehicle with sverkhprovodimosti – Volkswagen 166 Schwimmwagen. Where he can’t drive his all-wheel drive – will float. Interestingly, in the normal driving mode of the 166th had rear-wheel drive, and when traveling on land, to better cling to the shore, included front. The speed on the highway – 80 km/h on water 10 km/h, power reserve for land more than 500 km Indicative that the engine is 4-cylinder Boxer with a volume of only 1.1 liters developed capacity of only 25 HP.

A very interesting instance of the SUV-convertible – Tempo G 1200 1938 this army vehicle, four-wheel drive, due to the fact that each of the axes – my 2-stroke 2-cylinder engine. Each volume is half a cube and a power of 19 HP And with a normal movement, one of the engines could relax. Spring suspension of the car is made so that on the road each of the wheels may be in its plane, whereby to overcome the most challenging obstacles. From 1936 to 1943 such off-road car was released nearly fifteen hundred.

Great-grandfather Gelandewagen – Mercedes-Benz G4 1938. It drove the Fuhrer himself. And its satraps and the generals of Mussolini and Franco. Three of the leading axle, 8-cylinder engine capacity of 5.4 liters and output of 110-115 HP gave a great opportunity to travel on rough terrain. Transmissions were two – 5-St for route and speed reducer for off-road. These SUVs were built in just 72. After the Second World war some were converted into fire trucks.

The name of the car brand Maybach is synonymous with luxury and splendor. In Sinsheim this Association completely destroys Maybach Sage. Moreover, it is not a limousine. It – hazard – a relative of the Cheesecake from the cartoon Cars (Cars). Therefore, not only the appearance of the car, but the model name “Legend” seem almost mocking. Actually, it happened not from good life. In the difficult time after World war II had to redo the old luxury “Maybach” in the emergency lights. Despite the unpresentable appearance and heavy work days, the engine and suspension the Maybach Sage served until 1986

The length of the hood with Brutus can argue is that Blue Flame or Bugatti Royale 41. After all, Brutus is a 12-cylinder BMW engine that was put on the aircraft… Focke-Wulf, Henkel, and other aircraft. The volume of this motor is 47 litres and for the car it boosted to 750 HP Separately, it should be noted that this monster did in 1918-m to year. And found motor on a dump in Spain and the staff of the Museum Sinsheim used it to build their own racing car in 2006.

In the Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim Automobile and technical Museum in Sinsheim also exhibits a few of hundreds of motorcycles, airplanes, cars, Champions, race cars and sports cars, locomotives, military vehicles, agricultural machinery, engines and more. If you dig a well, each of them has if not unique technical stuffing, it really is a fascinating story – exactly.


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