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Faster ambulance — Russian engineers made the drone is a defibrillator

New development is needed, including from the accident to motorists. The ambulance is still coming, and deliver vital device or medication on the scene with a drone can be much faster.

The device, developed by the aerospace laboratory of the Moscow technological Institute (MTI) and the company “Altmedia”, clearly shown in the video. Sometimes, to bring someone back to life, there are only a few minutes, but if the accident occurred in a remote place? What to do bewildered witnesses who would like to help a stranded person, but they do not have neither the knowledge nor the skills? The faster the drone is a defibrillator arrives at the scene of the accident, the more likely you are to save people.

To use the device is simple: it has voice prompts, you only need to put electrodes and to act according to the instructions. The device analyzes ECG of the patient and if necessary will carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation. In addition, the device will find everything you need for doctor’s data, and a series of digits will hold according to the international recommendations for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The device can operate both in manual and in automatic mode.

Rescue drone compact and lightweight — it weighs only 3 kg. in addition to the defibrillator, the aircraft can deliver at the scene of the accident, the medicines and biomaterials. With a drone you can also set video conferencing for remote consultations with doctors, which, with the sight “picture” of the incident, will Orient near the affected people how they should act in a particular case. The device is able to cover a distance up to 50 km from the nearest ambulance station or emergency situations.

  • Not always had an accident as lucky as shown in our videos. But cases of miraculous luck we are. About surviving in unbelievable circumstances usually say “born in a shirt”.
  • In order to quickly associate online services with the victims in the accident, and had established a system of emergency response in case of accidents ERA-GLONASS. The Department has been one of the complaints, and in Primorye can not obtain the necessary number of terminals for installation on used vehicles, but still the system works — in may it was registered the thousandth call. All in all, since system startup (1 January 2016) processed more than 200 thousand calls.

Faster ambulance — Russian engineers made the drone is a defibrillator

Photo: MTI, video: YouTube

Faster ambulance — Russian engineers made the drone is a defibrillator

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