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Ferrari crossover will appear. And it will be unusual

Ferrari never tired of repeating that were, are and will be producers of exclusively sports cars and not going to deal with crossovers. But, according to the latest data, and in Maranello gave up, looking at the success and plans of competitors.

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The representatives of the Ferrari for several years refutes the rumors that the company will release a crossover. “We have always been and remain a manufacturer of exclusive sports cars,” repeated like a mantra the leaders of the company. However, looking at the success of some of its competitors and to the plans of others, Ferrari seem to have decided to change his principles.

Ferrari GTC4LussoFerrari GTC4Lusso

The first crossover in the history of Ferrari will appear in 2021. According to British media reports, the project has already received preliminary approval of a management of concern Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA, he owns a Ferrari), and even got intrafactory index F16X. But this is not a crossover in the usual sense of the word.

The crossover will replace in the scale model GTC4Lusso, formerly known as the Ferrari FF. The wagon will get a couple of extra doors, markedly increased in size. It will increase ground clearance, and retain the AWD system, and similarities with the crossovers will be equipped with the protective plastic body kit. One of the main “chip” model will be hinged doors and no Central pillars: the proper rigidity will provide a new aluminum platform. The crossover, writes the British magazine the Car will get V8 engine and a hybrid powerplant.

The advent of the crossover, which will cost at least 300 thousand euros, it should help Ferrari to seriously increase sales and reach the volume of 16 thousand cars per year by the end of the next decade.

  • The main competitor of the future model Ferrari should be a crossover Aston Martin DBX. British companies have exactly the same approach to the creation of a crossover to give it the most similar with sports car appearance. Yes, and it will appear almost simultaneously with the crossover Ferrari.
  • But another competitor, Lamborghini Urus, will appear at the end of this year. The Italians, taking advantage of the expertise of Volkswagen group, promise to combine the temperament of a sports car Urus and better quality crossover.

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