Ferrari has given up and is preparing a crossover by 2021

Ferrari is the only supercar manufacturers, which has long strongly ignored fashion for the crossovers. Top managers of the Italians has repeatedly said that the SUV is contrary to the very philosophy of the brand, so they are not even planning to let him go. But apparently, something went wrong. According to magazine Car, unusual model will appear in 2021 and will get a hybrid powerplant. It is not quite a traditional crossover, but rather a coupe with high ground clearance. In Car refer to the sources in Maranello, according to which the car bears the code name F16X. In the company insist that this is not a crossover or SUV in the full sense of the words. According to interlocutors of the edition, the Italian brand will release the “high-five-door coupe”.

The novelty will be built on the same aluminum platform on which Ferrari will make the successor model GTC4 Lusso. From the crossover will borrow the all-wheel drive system. At the same time the dimensions F16X will be significantly higher.
It is noteworthy that the crossover will get “suicide” rear doors (which open against the direction of motion) and it will not have b-pillars.

Under the hood most likely will house eight-cylinder engine or a hybrid gasoline-electric powerplant. According to Car, the V12 engine for the new items to offer is not planned.

The projected price tag on the first such Ferrari is 350 thousand dollars. With its help in Maranello expect to double sales to about 16 thousand cars per year.

As noted by our source, the idea of the supercar crossover in the form of a coupe with high kerensa offered a great designer Giorgetto Giugiaro in his concept of a sports crossover Parcour. And again a great designer ahead of time and gives the world another idea – sports car-crossover, which can travel not only along the perfect road, but in the desert. Obviously, Ferrari appreciated the idea Giugiaro and decided to move in that direction. The end of an era Giugiaro: designer, not one who saved the auto industry

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