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Ferrari in 2021 will release its first serial crossover

Currently working on a project already underway and the car is called F16X.

Ferrari company plans promises to launch a series of SUV in 2021. It is expected that it will not be a crossover, and a five-door coupe with increased ground clearance, reports Car magazine.
Presumably, the model will get a new four-wheel drive platform that also will be used for cars, acting as receiver for Ferrari GTS4 Lusso. At the same time, due to the larger clearance and better geometry of the overhangs, the permeability of the created SUV will be much higher.

As the main power unit is considered 8-cylinder gasoline engine or a hybrid version of working together with one or more electric motors. Engines with twelve cylinders for the model to use is not planned.
According to some, the price tag of a Ferrari SUV will be no less than 350 000 euros in the initial configuration.

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