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Finally the tubes will be less deputies adopted the law

Very often traffic jams occur in places where there are large shopping malls. Turn on the road of wanting to get to the Parking lot is built because of the lack of congresses. A government bill requiring owners of shopping centers to build ramps on the highway, as well as create a Parking space, passed third and final reading in the state Duma.

Shopping centers with an area of over 10 thousand square meters, located near Federal highways needs to build and maintain, at its expense, driveways to highways and Parking. Now there was only the technical procedures document must be approved by the Federation Council and the President. But since the bill proposed by the government, difficulties with it should not be.

That is, at the stage of the project owners will have to budget more and the construction of roads. Thus, the cost of opening a shopping centre will increase, but the government would save budget money. Also, the innovation will relieve the roads, which were built near the outlet.

The parameters of congresses: width, length, acceleration lanes, they are determined individually in each case. Will take into account the features of the site, as well as road category and the traffic on it.

The adoption of this law, in fact, spread into hypermarkets-outlets the requirements established by law for road service facilities, such as hotels and gas stations.

  • In Moscow will soon be paid flyovers that will allow drivers for a reasonable fee, not to stand on the crossings.
  • The city authorities have planned to connect all Moscow train stations to ease passenger trains transit through the city.

Photo: Dmitry Rogulin/TASS

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