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Fines should be tied to the minimum wage — MP

This initiative was made by the head of the Duma Committee on labour and social policy Yaroslav Nilov. In his opinion, this will allow to deal with the inadequacy of assigned punitive damages.Elena Alekseeva


MP: new Cao extorts money from drivers

Until 2007, the Administrative code, the fines were tied to the minimum wage (SMIC), but then the calculation of fines has been translated into a monetary value, said in the letter the MP sent to the media. Yaroslav Nilov offers to return to the original practice.

This question appeared on the agenda after the publication of the draft of the new Code of administrative offences, the justice Ministry, which proposed several times to increase most of the fines and increase terms of bringing persons to administrative responsibility. For example, for exceeding the speed limit by 20-40 km/h proposed to punish up to 3 thousand rubles (now 500 rubles).

The public and a number of MPs protested the inadequacy proposed in the form of penalty amounts, considering them too high and no reasonable.

“How and on what basis any such numbers? That with 2013, when the minimum fine was $ 100 in the country six-fold increased minimum wage or living wage? Maybe the standard of living has risen? Rather, the usual bureaucratic itching and absolute misunderstanding of the situation in the regions has led to such proposals,” — said Yaroslav Nilov.

Officials simply lost touch with reality, they don’t think about the fact that the country varies greatly and the standard of living and income depending on the entity and the income on the level of the minimum wage we receive about 5 million citizens, and then get paid 13% of this amount, boiled the Deputy.

The MP recalled that, in discussing the amount of fines, it is worth considering the mess that is happening on the roads when the signs are contrary to the markup, and the video surveillance system throws incredible errors.

And that people prefer not to contact the authorities and tried unsuccessfully to prove his innocence and pay a minimum fine at a discount. But after the planned six-fold increase avtoshtrafami just one trip on the road with faulty complexes or invalid markup can lead to for citizens “parting with a monthly salary”.

Therefore, the Deputy proposes to calculate the amount of an administrative fines in the fraction or percentage of the minimum wage, limiting the maximum rate of 50%. And to approach this issue more carefully and consciously, taking into account many factors, but that’s not one swoop. And before that, it would not hurt to conduct a complete inventory of signs, markings and speed limits that exist on our roads.

  • The new administrative offences code, simply changes developed by the Ministry of justice, presumably, is due to start on 1 January.


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